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AvianQuest is now Google Local Guide 7

Saturday, October 3, 2020




 That's right guys. Your humble blogger just reached Level 7 being a Google Local Guide.
 In a nutshell, as follows:

Wow, and also, now I'm very close in reaching my favorite goal, that is, to claim my Google Local Guide - Expert Photographer badge and Novice Trailblazer badge. 


11 million views received for places that I've added.  Well, that's absolutely amazing.
And from 1 million views generated from 747 photos in Google maps to now at 7 million views, and about to reach 8 million views, is truly unbelievable.  
My years of constant enjoyment via photography and helping people in Google Maps is now in the stage of middling stage fruition at Level 7, and moving forward.


To sum it up, humbly, here's a breakdown of what my Google Guide Level 7 looks like at the moment.

    Become a Google Local Guide now
 (Definitely no rocket science involved! )

Sign up, it's free, at

AvianQuest Google Guide Level 7
As I move forward in my journey of reaching 5,75 points (Level 8)  starting October 1, 2020, in this challenging times, I'll make it a point to always count my blessings of good health, good relationships with nature, people, animals (since I am vegan) and grab hold of any mobile phone with decent camera or DSLR and start documenting via photos/videos places of interest that I visit.

Always check me out/follow me at the social media channels below:
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Keep Safe Everyone.

September to Remember (2020)

Saturday, September 26, 2020


September to Remember (2020)

I just woke up from a restful state and after giving justice to the physical body with a deep (siesta) and with that, I found myself in front my desktop PC.

Fast forward to the start of this month which was filled with surprises and opportunities which came into natural fruition and as I continue to churn out blogs of my humble site,  I kind of make a brief summary of what transpired this month.

On the technology side of things, I was lucky to get hold of myself a OnePlus NORD Android device.  Link below on the unboxing.


I was planning to launch this video separately with a Dbrand grip case, however I was informed that my product orders for the DBrand NORD grip case will still be shipped in October. So, that's for that at the moment. 
Whilst I put the OnePlus NORD into use, hopefully by next month, I will be done with my in depth review of this great Android mid-ranger device.
Also, as I write, now using Google Blogger's latest update to their latest and in the final weeks of their transition. So, bye “Revert to legacy Blogger” which is no longer available. Nothing new, as I am used to adopting and adapting to changes. 
By the way, the photo montage above is Mount Tenglawan, which I took when I went up to Mount Kabunian in Bakun, Benguet (Cordillera Administrative Region).  Link below.



Again, as the windows of opportunity for travel is slowly showing positive signs, I will also be doing a follow-up blog and/or review of my mountaineering gear next month.

 Signs of things to come

I will also be introducing in October more tech unboxing/reviews in the field of audio equipment. I'm not an audiophile, but a humble music enthusiast.

Also by the way, I am now at Level 7 as an official Google Local Guide.
If you want to sign up as a Google Local Guide, it's FREE and sign up now.

And last but not the least, multi-millionfold thanks to the following: 
(this is not a paid endorsement/sponsorship)

Cloudflare turns 10 this year! Starting on Monday, September 28th 
(Congratulations and Cheers!)

Better days ahead. Keep safe everyone! 

~Peter of AvianQuest










Will Teaspoon Rule the World?

Friday, July 24, 2020

Will Teaspoon Rule the World?

Will Teaspoon Rule the World?

In Order of the Phoenix, Harry tells Ron and Hermione about his snog with Cho Chang, the conversation turns to Ron and his tiny mind.

  “Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have.”

 This brings us to a member of the cutlery family called the

T e a s p o o n

Simply put, a teaspoon is a small spoon that can be used to stir a cup of tea or coffee.  Let's further break that down. Tea and spoon, right?  By the way, there exists a special type of caviar (salted fish egg) made from rare abino fish and laced with 22-carat gold is thought to be the most expensive food on planet earth and this food is priced at $40,000 per teaspoon).  

Quick fact.  A teaspoon is measured 1 fluid dram (or drachm) that's 1/4 of a tablespoon, or 1/8 fluid ounce.  

T e a 

So, comes now Shan Nong, a Chinese Emperor at around 2300 BC through 400 AD, tea was used primarily for drinking with its medicinal value and health benefits by the indigenous people then it made its way to upper class/strata of society.  

Around the 1600 through 1700s, the use of the word teaspoon started and to date this small member of cutlery is used mainly in scooping coffee, tea, sugar, powdered milk, creamer and ultimately mixing them with hot/cold water in creating a beverage/drink.

C l e a n l i n e s s


As that age-old adage goes and "cleanliness is next to godliness."  At around 1700, it was customary for Europeans to bring their own spoons to the table and spoons as a personal property were carried by everyone who owns one in much the same way as people today i.e., wallets, key rings, et cetera.

Most people will agree that being clean is a sign of spiritual purity or goodness. This phrase was first recorded in a sermon by John Wesley in 1778, but the idea is ancient, found in Babylonian and Hebrew religious tracts. It is still invoked, often as an admonition to wash or clean up. 

Y u k t i

When I embraced the lifestyle of vegetarianism starting around 1992, I learned a "yukti," a Hindi word which means technique or method of the use of a teaspoon whilst eating/dining out.  This I imbibe and practice without fail for the multi-fold benefits I derive until this date.

Most people use the table spoon and fork for eating, right?  So, what leaves us not being used for eating using a humble teaspoon.  The probability of use of a teaspoon is almost of nil since this is only used for mixing cold/hot beverages, right?

For Americans that is, the fork and table knife serves as the main eating cutlery. So, it's obvious that the mostly used in direct contact of human mouth for eating, tasting are the spoon and fork utensils.

In terms of cleanliness, using a teaspoon as alternative whilst eating out in public (hotels, restaurants, et cetera). The experience becomes a first where one is like eating with a newly purchased brand new spoon/fork.  You're the first to put the cutlery in your mouth. 

But the spoon/fork was washed then it's clean, right?  You are absolutely correct on a physical reasoning. However, people practicing high spiritual regimens/practices/lifestyle or purely for religious reasons involving cutlery becomes a day and night or life and death choice in their path/journey.

So, they use their own personal cutlery. Otherwise, they will chose this alternative method using a teaspoon for eating for emergency/last option purposes.

I won't expound about the meta-physical reason why the teaspoon is sort of a "holy grail" of cutlery in this blog and that will be for you to research. I don't recommend a plastic spoon/teaspoon due to carbon footprint concerns.

In this present time of after the global reset where cleanliness becomes a number one priority, a humble teaspoon might save your life.  Also, using your own personal cutlery is thus, a highly encouraged practice/habit.

The use of the teaspoon as an alternate cutlery in eating probably might be one of the alternative methods of saving yourself and perhaps even rule the whole world.  There is no rocket science involved, just being wise and practical. Cheers.

P.S. Nowadays, I use a spork especially when I'm out of of town hiking, trekking or mountain climbing.


How to turn OFF your Facebook Messenger

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Facebook Messenger easy peasy workaround
You got that right. This is an easy peasy way to TURN OFF your Facebook Messenger.  

Just SIX simple steps!

(For Android mobile smartphones.) 

FB Messenger Be Together Whenever

This is a quick walk through.

Just 6 (Six) STEPS:
1.  On the top right corner of your 
     Facebook mobile app is the three
     stripped navicon.  Press/tap it.

FB Three Stripe Menu Navicon

2.  It will take you to the Facebook 
     mobile menu list.  Tap on Settings.

 3.  On the next screen, press/tap
      Security and Login.

Security and Login

 4.  You will be brought to 
      Where you're logged in screen.

      Tap on the three vertical dots 
      to LOG OFF your 
      Facebook Messenger.

FB Three Vertical Dots


 5. Next, you will be prompted to 
     Review your  login pop-up then 
     select and tap the LOG-OUT option.

FB Review Login and Log Out

 6.  Success!  Now you are
      logged off Facebook Messenger.  

      Tap on the Facebook Mobile 
      App Right Upper Back Navigation 
      Arrow to go back to your Facebook 
Right Upper Back Navigation Arrow

Facebook Mobile App Review Login is a powerful option to log-off your Facebook Messenger (Android) Mobile.

My Real-I-zations 2020

Saturday, May 23, 2020

  My Real-I-zations 2020

Real-I-zations of the global reset 2020

Before I get started, I chose a personal picture above to contain the essence of my thoughts about the global pandemic.

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

I remember in August 2019, I weighed 74 kilograms and overweight thus, last year, I took a personal challenge and started on an intensive intermittent fasting regimen (23 hours) in preparation for planned personal mountain climbing activity.

December 12, 2019, I achieved 126 pounds of 57 kilograms with a body mass index of 21.6 normal with my 5 feet four inches height.

As of writing, I have not gotten ill or sick.  Thus, in my humble opinion based on my personal experience, by increasing one's internal human body resistance through intermittent fasting, keeps one healthy and dis-ease free.

IF References

 Jason Fung

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

Eric Berg

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

Enhanced Community Quarantine

One day I was sitting at home in a sofa and little did I know that I was preparing physically and mentally for an impending viral pandemic. I started first hearing about a virus outbreak in China in December 2019.  As I continue to receive news from social media channels, my curiosity always get me in a researcher mode and sift what is truth and untruth from this virus event.

On March 16, 2020 where I live, our President issued an executive memorandum/guideline regarding community quarantine and this also got further extended in its coverage until April 30, 2020.


By using one's mind and intellect (sound judgment/discrimination) based on facts/knowledge and not getting caught up with all the noise and/or clutter from mainstream sources thus, the real (truth) of I (soul) which is living, imperishable and indestructible is a detached observer (one who is beyond the effects/influence of untruth). As I play my hero role in this world drama stage, I will continuously keep my mind(meta-physical faculty) to enable churning/sifting of knowledge to enable me to make better decisions and interact with virtues and human values with other human be-ings (soul).


I list here some references which helped me learn the truth about the virus.



 (This is not a paid endorsement.)

  Other References


(This is not a paid endorsement.)

Remote work,regional lockdowns and migration of internet usage

 Stay safe everyone.


Mt. Kabunian 2020 (Mountain of the gods)

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Mount Kabunian Bakun Benguet


Kabunian is the sky god of the Igorot tribe in Mountain Province (Philippines)
before Christianity came. Kabunian represents the sun, moon, stars and other heavenly bodies.


Bakun is bounded on the north by the municipality of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur and the municipality of Mankayan, on the south by the municipality of Kibungan, on the east by the municipalities of Buguias and Mankayan, and on the west by the municipalities of Sugpon and Alilem of the province of Ilocos Sur. Bakun is 336 kms. away from Manila and 86 kms. away from Baguio City.

By the way, Bakun is politically subdivided into 7 barangays which consists of:

1. Ampusongan    
2. Bagu    
3. Dalipey    
4. Gambang    
5. Kayapa    
6. Poblacion (Central)    
7. Sinacbat

For this climb, I stayed at Barangay Poblacion (Central). Poblacion which literally means "town" or "settlement" in the Spanish language.  Poblacion is a common term used to refer to central, also to mean: downtown, old town, or central business district of a Philipine city or municipality, which may take up an area of a single barangay or multiple barangays.  Shorted/abbreviated as Pob.

Mt. Kabunian

Mount Kabunian is located in Poblacion (Central), Bakun, Benguet in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).  Bakun is located at 16°47" latitude and 120°43" longitude which is at the northwestern tip of the province of Benguet.


The first time I visited Poblacion Bakun, Benguet was around March last year for exploratory purposes and get the feel of the place as to solidify and make future plans to climb its mountains viable.  

So, why did I not climb when i went there last year? I did not because I was overweight then and didn't have the gears to fully equip me.

Then before my climb this year, sometimes curve balls get thrown your way and one of the biggest forest fire occured (February 19, 2020), just a week shy before my climb via Akiki trail to Mount Pulag in Kabayan, Benguet drastically changed my plans to Plan B - Bakun!
With a ban/moratorium in effect regarding Mt. Pulag via Akiki Trail, I immediately packed my stuff for my immediate Bakun climb. 

Here's a link to my outdoor gear rundown.

Ingress Day 1

As time is one of the most precious resource, I got myself to the only and one daily bus trip to Bakun which departs at 6:30 a.m. in Km 5, La Trinidad, Benguet.


mandatory stop

The Bakun bus made an obligatory stop at Taba-ao, Kapangan Benguet for purposes of buying grocery, check engine, oil, water, brakes, visit the comfort room et cetera.

A cool and pretty laid back morning at Barangay Kayapa, Bakun, Benguet. (Don't confuse this Kayapa [Cordillera Administrative Region] with the 3rd class Municipality of Kayapa in Nueva Vizcaya Region as they are only similar in name/spelling.  

Mandatory Stopover

The Bakun bus will make it's obligatory stop at Everman's Eatery located in Pakawan, Cuba, Kapangan, Benguet where almost everyone alights takes a lunch break, take a quick visit at comfort room et cetera.  This will be like around 30 minutes max.

It was here where I had a chit-chat with an official/staff from the Office of the Governor of Benguet, who was bound with his driver going to Kibungan.  We shared the sentiments regarding the recent forest fire which razed Kabayan which was as large as San Juan, La Union.

Sitio Dada Bakun Benguet

Another obligatory stop at Sitio Dada,

It's normal for bus drivers and conductors to accept hand off deliveries (except contraband of course) from community locals destined to stopovers along the bus route.

Bakun Beans and Beans

There are times when the bus stops to pick up fresh vegetable produce which are sent by farmers to La Trinidad, Benguet for a fee. I dubbed this shot, "Beans and Beans."

Sitio Dada Bus Stop over

I love shooting moments (freezing time) like this whilst our bus made a longer stopover in front of a community store of locals in a laid back Sitio Dada, Bakun, Benguet.

Cooperative Bus

The bus stopover/s provide a chance for passengers to alight from the bus and stretch.  Also, passengers get their bus cargo which are brought down and/or vice-versa toploaded (loaded on top of the bus) such as food supply (rice, grocery items, construction materials, vegetable produce, luggage, et cetera).  This is done by the bus driver/conductor.


I arrived Barangay Poblacion. Bakun around 11:30 in the morning and the bus driver/conductor will never fail to remind their passengers both new/old to the place that one must immediately go and report to the Barangay Tourism Council building, which I did.  

The Barangay Tourism Council was in session then and afterwards gave me their thumbs up/permission "green light" to climb Mt. Kabunian since I was alone, healthy and pose no threat to their community with the pandemic event outbreak.

I registered and paid in full all costs related to the climb.  By the way, make sure that when you travel to Bakun to bring more than enough money (including emergency cash) as there are no ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) and credit card facilities there.  Pay in cold cash.

Here are the rates when I arrived and paid:

Environmental Fee
Registration Fee
Overnight Guide Fee
Accomodation (Municipal Hall)
*PhP- Philippine Peso

By the way, there is an overtime guide fee/charge which is calculated to start the after the overnight session which starts at around 10 a.m. of the next day and that is a charge of PhP 50.00 per hour for every succeeding hour until you reach back to Bakun Poblacion.

Say, if you hit 10 a.m. and you actually arrived 8 p.m. in Poblacion Bakun, that'll be an additional PhP 500.00 (10 hours x PhP 50.00) as an added overtime charge to be paid directly to your guide.

Also, if you're planning to have a porter, that's a fixed Php 1,000 fee.

For proper coordination when visiting Poblacion Bakun, contact:

Mr. Arthur Tolito 
Tourism officer
0921 211 3687
0905 317 2616 

Mr. Peter Diclas 
Tour Guide Coordinator Mt. Kabunian
0930 362 5434 

Spot Map of Barangay Poblacion Municipality of Bakun Benguet Cordillera Administrative Region PHILIPPINES

Spot Map of Barangay Poblacion
Municipality of Bakun
Cordillera Administrative Region

Hint:  Footrails in the legend of the map. Trekking, mountaineering, camping. :)

Bakun Hut

A quick photo documention of Barangay Poblacion Bakun as it presents it's breathtaking huge mountain ranges at the background with the community in the foreground.

Rice Terraces at Poblacion Bakun

As the afternoon hot sun beating down on us, we moved on and I noticed a rice terraces section at the foot of Mount Kabunian.(Noting this as a probable visit in the future.)

One Hot Midday Poblacion Bakun


Mountain Shade

I took this snap whilst traversing one of the hanging foot bridges whilst Mount Kabunian provides cool temporary shade from the hot afternoon sun.

  To Pattan Falls (Right)








Barangay Poblacion has an association of local mountain climbing tour guides all who follow a sort of round robin rule so you can't chose your own guide.  It's on a first come, first serve basis.  So, with my unplanned, unannounced visit, the barangay council got in touch with Mr. Digno Bagano who is a 10-year professional mountain climber/guide.

We started the trek around 2 o'clock p.m.  

Upon arriving at the Mount Kabunian start marker, I remembered carrying my reading glasses tucked on my neckline but somehow it was not there.  So, I told my guide to wait for me as I'll go back and look for it.  

This carelessness got in to extend my ingress time by one hour.  As I was the near the area of where I probably dropped my googles where I initially stopped then to double up to wear my fresh pair of socks.  Suddenly, I met a local man coming down the stone stairs and when I asked if he saw my white colored eyeglass, he said he found my glasses and immediately gave it to me.

Carbon Trek Poles and Thick Artic Gloves

At this point onwards ,until the start of the mountain assault until nighfall,  I have to use my HitorHike trekking poles for safety purposes.

One Days's End Ascent at Mount Kabunian

At this juncture, a sunset is calling the day's end as we are still starting the ascent up Mount Kabunian. 

Night Trek

Now, I have to utilize my fully charged headlamp and with the difficulty of the climb as we move forward, you have to have one hundred percent focus on every step you take.  One has to depend on balance and sheer alertness of the senses as a wrong move will be an injury or fatal death to a ravine drop.

So, I adapted a slow, but sure pacing.  Also wore my thick Arctic gloves to protect my hands from possible cuts, bruises.

Again, there is no point rushing and always consult and talk with your guide.

First Mountain Night

With exhaustion finally catching up, I decided to stop whilst my guide proceeded up until we separated ways.

So, I decided to take shelter next to two big boulders with guide railings and fern on the sides all serving as windbreaker. 

Prepare the area and made sure there were no snakes. Unpacked my sleeping gear/systems.  Laid out Quechua sleeping foam pad, my Lanshan tent footprint and my Forclaz sleeping bag.

I also used my spare USB powerbank + LED strip as 'candlelight'.  I took a light dinner of canned tuna and dried seaweed and finished off with mineral water.  Do change your sweat dreanched/wet clothes/socks fresh and dry clothes/socks.  I also double up with my down thermal jacket.  

My sleeping mummy bag coupled with foam pad and tent footprint provided a toasty warmth against the cold mountain altitude weather. I decided not to pitch my tent due to the slope of the place I stopped over which is not recommended for a tent pitch.

There is always condensation and moisture which are natural effects of thermal body heat and clothing.  So, choose sleeping bags which does not leak or seep moisture external to it's internal case and opt for an internal condensation-free sleeping bags, zero degree rating.  My Forclaz sleeping bag passed this test with flying colors.
I slept with my main USB powerbank and mobile cellphone inside my sleeping mummy bag as this will prevent stored electric power to discharge due to cold temperatures.

My first overnight outdoor experience in Mount Kabunian near it's summit underneathe the canpoy of the stars, zero light pollution.  It just removes all your tiredness.


Before egress back to Poblacion Bakun,  around 6:30 a.m. I awakened to this sunrise event.

Dawn at Mount Kabunian

Mount Kabunian Sunrise Video (click to watch)

Mount Kabunian Bakun Benguet Summit Views

After tidying up in the area where I slept, once fully prepped, I continued my cautious climb up Mount Kabunian.

Near summit, views are so breathtaking and as sit down and I take in clean and fresh mountain air for my physical vehicle (my body) and take it all in whilst enjoying the majestic views/scenery.  A traffic control method as a way of slowing down one's thoughts which is to just stick to one uplifting/powerful thought and allow the mind and recharge the soul as the body also relaxes.

Nothing Like IT Bakun Benguet Landscapes

At this point, I'm 40 minutes shy to reaching the summit.  I decided to have my guide fetch me and refill my Osprey water pack and water bottles with cool clean, natural mountain water (a total of 2.5 + 2 liters.) which was more than enough for my way descent back to barangay Poblacion Bakun.

Mount Kabunian Breathtaking Summit Views

As I watch what Mother Nature presents me, Mount Kabunian views below and slowly but surely keeps all my tiredness at a bare minimum and eventually wipes it out easily.  As a detached observer, I watch in a sort of meditative mind taking everything in, very relaxing and uplifting.

Mount Kabunian Mighty Tree

I'm kind of imagining this part of the trail will be all green during the rainy/wet season here in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Mount Kabunian Breathtaking Views

More breathtaking views of Bakun terrain and mountains.

Mount Kabunian Trails Bakun

I clearly remember as I look down below is a second dark looking boulder from where I stand and a smaller and farther boulder, and in between that is a small a little bit inclined portion which is a bed of green wild mountain bed of fern which used like a couple hours ago before dawn to give justice to my body and rest.

Mount Kabunian Cliffhanger Foot Bridge Trails

Go past this hanging footbridge is where I slept.  More cliffhanger and challenging trails ahead.  Imagine traversing this at night with your headlights fully on which I think was easier than during daylight time when you see and feel the dizzying heights of the ravine and cliff sides drop offs and deep gorges. I bet you will NOT have the need to drink caffeinated coffee at this moment as you are so internally caught up in a fight or flight situation. Super adrenalin rush!.

Covert Selfie

It was exactly mid-day, 12 high noon I stopped beside a huge rock. Yup, that's me alright with my 'hunting' bug net camou enjoying temporary shade from the burning heat of the sun as I take my first selfie of this adventure.  And by the way, this is the spot where i slept the night.

Mount Kabunian Bakun Benguet Mountain Face Trails

The pristine mountain face of majestic Mount Kabunian.

Mount Kabunian Bakun Benguet Day Trails

The absence of signs of urban trash/pollution and just plain nature showing the majesty of the mountains and pristine trail paths as we move during our descent with my guide.

Pause Eat Hydrate and Recharge

Had late lunch at around 2 p.m. with Rosarita chili beans (This is not a paid endorsement.) and also taking in the laid back and relaxing Bakun views/scenery.

Descent Cliff Hanger

Down, down, down and I arrived at back this section of Mount Kabunian which shocked me and presented as an extreme cliffhanger. I was feeling lots of butterflies in my tummy as my delayed self-realization finally caught up with me and that without the safety side railings one might get ahead to the afterlife in an instant. Always practice safety. Do not rush. Calculated moves.

Descent Trails of Mount Kabunian

It looks easy for a descent, but it's not.  It looks deceiving easy also, but don't fall into believing that. So, I kept in mind was to always err on the side of safety. 

Mount Kabunian Bakun Benguet Cliffhanger Trails

Again, this is one of the hardest ascent and/or descent sections as the angle of elevation is similar to a rappel. So, I advise that you have a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands as you will be using both to hold on the guard rails/cable as you go down/up depending if you are ingress/egress status. I took this quick shadow portrait with the leading line theme to strengthen the photographic composition.

Trail Views at Mount Kabunian

The afternoon sun presents us beautiful Bakun mountain and terrain.

Trails of Mount Kabunian

This is the first time I see this section of the trail in the morning since yesterday's ascent was in the evening and it was just surreal.  That's Mount Tenglawan of Bakun standing in front of me partially covered with clouds. 

Descent Trail

I call this descent, trail shots as a beautiful revelation of Mount Kabunian terrain since again, my first time seeing it during the day time.

Mount Kabunian Camp Site Beside Waiting Shed One  

I did another short stop over here near the waiting shed below near a cowshed structure/area where most hikers/climbers pitch their tents.

An afternoon interruption of the views with the intermittent entry of fog creating thick layers of fogbanks.

Wear thermal jackets in the late afternoon as it gets very cold and foggy.

At this juncture, I added a layer of thermal clothing to protect myself from hypothermia.

Foggy View of Mount Tenglawan

A part of the peak of Mount Tenglawan reveals itself amidst the afternoon clouds/fog as viewed from Mount Kabunian during descent.

more Mount Kabunian Views

Selective parch of terrain lit by afternoon sunlight.  Again, I imagine this during the rainy moonsoon season starting June to around September here in the North Luzon (Cordillera Administrative Region) Philippines and that it would be so lush and green.

I stand in awe with the dramatic display of sunset colors as we continued down the mountain with my guide.

It looks like I'm in a movie Lord of the Rings in a scene of Mordor near the Eye of Sauron in Middle Earth.

Second Night

The photo below is my first low-light exposure tripod assisted shot of Mount Kabunian landscape with the moon which I took in 2019 using my DSLR. I took this last year when I spent an overnight in Poblacion Bakun.

I arrived with my guide back at Poblacion Bakun around 9:30 in the evening, a cold Saturday night,  from one successful Mt. Kabunian climb/overnight adventure.

By the way, local stores at Bakun Poblacion close at around 9 p.m.  So, be sure to buy what you need before community locals call it a day.  Some stores offer food to be cooked for you for a fee.  Just choose your available ingredients in the store (veggies, local produce, grocery products et cetera).

It was a good thing I had my Osprey 2.5 liters filled up with fresh mountain water and I had some left for the night.

I was invited to cap off the night with a hot brewed ground coffee at the barangay outpost building before calling it a night and had a chitchat with the LGU officers on duty.

Afterwhich, I went back to my homestay and got my lights off at 11:30 p.m.and off to dreamland.

Egress Day Two

Bakun Scapes

It was Sunday as I awakened ahead of my alarm clock around 4:30 a.m.  I packed up my gear and stuff and oh boy, my legs and calf muscles were undergoing a literal definition of sweet and intense pain.  


Barangay Poblacion mornings to a photographer is an excellent opportunity to document terrain as most locals are still not up and about.  So, less human traffic.

Barangay Poblacion

With a quick 6 a.m. drink of local hot brewed coffee beside brgy tanod bldg. and a warm chitchat with store owner and I left Barangay Poblacion Bakun at around 7:30 a.m. and rode the scheduled Bakun coop bus back to Baguio.


- Pack lighter. Bare essentials is king

- Strip down and leave eveything which are not survival stuff related and which will add weight e.g, shovel  (improvise use forest fallen twigs et cetera)

- Choose sleeping bags which does not leak or seap moisture external to internal.

- Opt for internal condensation free  sleeping bags zero degree

- Don't allow petty distractions whilst trekking (ascent/descent)

- Be on 100% focus or injury or fatal death ravine drop

- Follow your comfortable walk pace not the guide

- Headlight backup with 2(twp) fully charged high lumens LED waterproof grade designed for night climb/treks/hiking

- Raincoat + pants (a must specially during moonsoon/rainy season)

- Bucket safari hat with anti- uv

- Wick tshirts

- Spare fresh wool socks

- Dont reuse sweat soaoked socks, unhygenic or get blister

- Aerate dry walking/climb boots and pads under the sun

- Disinfect with h202 (commercial hydrogen peroxide)

- Rashguard top clothing a must 

- Neck gaiters 

- Hiking poles a must 

- Thick gloves must when handholding rocks and steel fence cables also   protects versus terrain flora leaf bruises/cuts 

- Get 8 hours sleep and full rest before any climb or assault/descent 

- Easy to loose items toe them down organizer e.g. eyeglasses, shades, gloves 

- Military can opener + spork 

- Say no to cooking if possible esp butane flammable liquids gas

- Wet wipes

- Emergency whistle

  Bucket List

Mount Tenglawan

Planning for the next ... Mount Tenglawan (Bakun, Benguet) future climb. 

 Stay safe everyone.