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My Windows 11 Ice Cream Experience

Friday, October 8, 2021

My Windows 11 Ice Cream Experience


Windows 11 Ice Cream

Somewhere on our planet specifically in New York, most people there did it with style, enjoying a delicious serving of physical ice cream (as depicted above) during the official launch of Windows 11 last October 5, 2021.
I will honestly concur, and confirm that it was a very cool, and "delectable" experience for me as an old school user transitioning from Windows 10 Pro to finally, Windows 11.

Now, before I go through my upgrade experience cum walk through, you all
be sure to check out my link to:

Windows 11 Compatibility Check Up
So, we will be needing the following for the upgrade:
To download Rufus, click on the link below:

TeamGroup USB Drive C185

I used a dedicated USB for my Windows 11 Upgrade specifically, the TeamGroup C185.

Windows 11 ISO (Official)
Official Download link:


Or click on the image below to download.

Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)

Then lastly, a drop drown selection for your language, choose then hit confirm and the downloading process will start.

English x 64 iso Windows 11
And last but not the least,  your Desktop PC/Laptop.
By the way, if you would like to check a blog post of mine regarding desktop PC future proofing.  Link below:
3 Steps (Windows 11 Installation)
Step 1-  RUN the RUFUS app.
Step 2-  COPY the downloaded Windows 11 ISO (Make sure to obtain the legitimate/official ISO copy from Microsoft's site.)

Copying Win 11 ISO Files To Rufus
Once you have completed preparing your Windows 11 ISO in your USB, you should have this status below as indicated by Rufus.

Windows 11 ISO File in USB
In addition, RUFUS will automatically pop up a window bearing the following information.

Pop Up ifnformation regarding Secure Boot

To wit: "Important notice about Secure Boot.

You have just created a media that uses the UEFI: NTFS bootloader. Please remember that, to boot this media, YOU MUST DISABLE SECURE BOOT. For details why this is necessary, see the 'More Information' button below."

Windows 11 ISO USB information

Notice, that with the screenshot above, I created the Windows 11 ISO on the official launch date of Windows 11 which was last October 5, 2021. (For the record).


Well, it is a personal decision/choice of mine to INSTALL all Windows 10, and this new Windows 11 OFFLINE.  
That is why I opted with the official Windows 11 ISO installation method.

If you ask me why, the reason being it always boils down to desktop PC security.
Read on my previous indelible fingerprints blog post. Link below as follows:
In my humble opinion, nowadays, it's a high security risk updating your Microsoft Windows whilst live online whilst doing a major OS (operating system) upgrade.
And worst, you will run into risking your desktop PC getting compromised/hacked in the process that is, if it is not hardened for security purposes.  (i.e., Man-In-the-Middle MITM attack, et cetera.)
Link below on my last blog post for September 2021 as follows:

Technology Pugilism

Step 3- Now, whilst you are on your desktop PC/laptop, switch in to your USB drive, and doubleclick on setup.exe of Windows 11 ISO to commence with the Windows 11 setup process.
Windows 11 Install page prompt

Now, let's us continue, and when prompted by the Windows 11 install page, click on NEXT.
Well, it is your choice if you want to submit installation information to Microsoft.
As in my case, privacy matters rule. So, I left the privacy statement above without a tick mark.

Accept Windows 11 License Terms

However, with the next Windows 11 setup page above regarding Microsoft Software License Terms, (last updated June 2021) this is a MUST. 

No, if's or buts, just ACCEPT else, you will not be able to proceed and install Windows 11.

Click on ACCEPT.
Windows 11 Setup Making Sure Check Stickler
Next setup page, is a stickler and it says, "Making sure you're ready to install. This may take a few minutes. Please wait."
Suspense ... ha-ha!
Making Sure You Have Enough Space
Again, Microsoft's super stickler follow up in checking for completeness. 

Above it states,  "Making sure your PC has enough space." No big deal.

Windows 11 Setup Ready to Install

Then next install page prompt is very important.

Since, I decided not to do any off the bat clean install (without files and apps), I decided to opt for installing Windows 11 as follows:

KEEP my personal files and apps
Why? (Saves a lot of time going through the arduous and time consuming lane of reinstalling apps, and specially DRIVER compatibility et cetera.)

For me, a rule of thumb that I just won't disturb the groove, or why tinker on a state that is running perfectly in the first place.

I addition, the underlying main reason why I did not choose a clean install is, because I wanted to test how my Windows 10 security hardening will carry over my previous security settings to Windows 11.

Well, we will know that in a few.  So, hang on your comfy seats/chairs.
There will be a required desktop PC/laptop boot up.
Then I have login with my Windows 10 user name and password (all retained) after the upgrade/transition.
Microsoft Windows 11 Version 21H2 OS Build 22000.194
Once Windows 11 is up and running, I did run WinVer and thus, presenting...
Microsoft Windows 11 
Version 21H2 OS Build 22000.194.
Again, for security purposes, "I removed identifying information regarding my desktop PC name." 
Windows 11 Control Panel All Control Panel Items

Also most importantly, head on to Windows Tools in your Control Panel and do a cursorily check relating to security.

Windows 11 lumped the following tools under Windows Tools as follows:
  • Character Map
  • Command Prompt
  • Component Services
  • Computer Management
  • Control Panel
  • Defragment and Optimize Drives
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Event Viewer
  • iSCI Initiator
  • Local Security Policy
  • ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)
  • ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)
  • Performance Monitor
  • Power Automate
  • Print Management
  • Quick Assist
  • Recovery Drive
  • Registry Editor
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Resource Monitor
  • Run
  • Services
  • Steps Recorder
  • System Configuration
  • System Information
  • Task Manager
  • Task Scheduler
  • Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security
  • Windows Fax and Scan
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Windows PowerShell (x86)
  • Windows PowerShell ISE
  • Windows PowerShell ISE (x86)
  • WordPad
As of writing, my preferred browser which is Firefox which was not affected at all with the updgrade. 
Firefox ESR Enterprise browser
Mozilla Firefox is my browser of choice when using my desktop PC.
In summary, Windows 11 upgrade was a seamless, chill and cool as an "ice-cream" experience.
Transitioning from Windows 10 to Windows 11 with my choice of OFFLINE installation using Windows 11 ISO in a USB was a complete success.
There were only two minor security settings in my PC which were affected by the upgrade/transition which I have to manually tweak as follows:


Data Execution Prevention is a technology that foils some types of attacks when they are coded in a certain way because by default, this feature is enabled but protects only Windows exes. 

Settings / System / About / Advanced System Settings

/Performance Settings button/ Data Execution Prevention Tab

Select Turn on DEP for all programs

NETWORKING DEVICE - Remote Desktop Device Redirector Bus

Control Panel / Device Manager, View menu / Show Hidden Devices

  • Disable or Uninstall: /System Devices\Remote Desktop Device Redirector Bus


Now, this experience (case to case) will vary, since not all desktop PCs/laptops are built/configured identically. 
As in my case, I have a very unique PC desktop configuration/set-up and/or security hardening settings when it was in Windows 10 Pro.
Now that I seamlessly transitioned to Windows 11, I also successfully inherited my Windows 10 security hardening settings. 
I'll shout it out loud, "Yes!" 
And raise a double thumbs up to that! 
Kudos! Microsoft!
With that said, I am not responsible to whatever outcomes of your own upgrade.  
I can only speak of my seamless/problem-free experience which I am sharing herewith. 
"Always err 
in the side of caution."



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Keep safe, and keep blogging.

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My Windows 11 Compatibility Check Up

Friday, October 1, 2021




 My Windows 11 Compatibility Check Up

Windows 11 Come in

As I am anticipating the impending release of Microsoft Windows 11, I head over to the official Windows 11 site.

The above-mentioned is a screenshot of Windows 11.
To prepare your laptop/PC for the Windows 11 upgrade, check for compatibility first.

PC Health Check app for Windows 11

Download Windows 11 PC Health Check App.
Official download link below:


App for installation
Hit Save File.

Run and install the file.

Windows 11 Fully Compliant Eligibility Results
B W 11
Above are screenshots of Windows 11 fully compliant eligibility results of my desktop PC with the following information:

Check Mark A

This PC supports Secure Boot.

Check Mark B

TPM 2.0 enabled on this PC. TPM: TPM 2.0

Check Mark C
The processor is supported for Windows 11.
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G with Radeon Graphics.

Check Mark D
There is at least 4 GB of system memory (RAM)
System memory: 16 GB

Check Mark E

The system disk is 64 GB or larger.
System storage: 256 GB

Check Mark F
The processor has two or more cords.
Processor cores: 4

Check Mark G
The processor clock speed is 1 GHz or faster.
Clock speed: 3.8 GHz
In a nutshell, I did not have any problems whatsoever with the latest  Windows 11 PC Health Check App.  It was seamless and pretty simple and straightforward  to go through. (Kudos, Microsoft for that.)

Screenshot of Windows 11

Now, I guess we will just wait for the official release of the commercial Windows 11 come October 5.
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Tech Pugilism

Monday, September 27, 2021



You're one lucky person and who by chance in a random fashion probably stumbled on my humble blog in the vast expanse of the web.
Warmest welcome.
To commence with the last month of the third quarter of 2021, I thought of doing something just totally random as Google had just changed lately introduced a lots of newness and changes in its algorithm
With that said, "Hey, why not I do a "free verse" of sorts that come into my mind."
Fast forward 2021, and a lot of things have changed in the desktop computer technology space. 
However,  I'm kind of a stickler in going about how i do things which involves my computer operation habits, which I guess never fade with time.
In the present day and age of internet surfing where every activity is sort of going about the rounds of a boxing (combat sport) match with the following:
One - its either you survive the round unscathed;
Two - or get heavily beaten up;
Three - or at worst, get knocked out.

We don't want that really. We want to a combination of #1, #2 to win the match, unscathed and ready for the next upcoming matches.

And personally for quite sometime, I've experienced all #1, #2, and #3.  
But hey, loose a few battles, but eventually, we got to win the "war."
So, where do we start ?

So, I, "the user" of my desktop PC is just like a boxer preparing for the incoming fight (web dangers, exploits, hacks, threat actors, zero day events, et cetera)

I must train hard and prep myself. (Read a lot of knowledge based stuff and prepare.)

So, who/what are my online security reference points?

In no particular order, I consider the following as very good source/reference of security knowledge base.

Check Mark 03


Penetration testers' guide to Windows 10 Privacy and Security
From time to time, putting on the shoes of a professional pentester is really a great experience in the real world day-to-day use all these security knowledge.
There are plenty of gems of knowledge in Andrew Douma's (thanks and kudos to him) regarding his Windows 10 pentester's guide to Windows 10 privacy cum security.
I still maintain my old Windows 10 desktop PC now as a backup file server equipped with the pentest Windows 10 privacy-security hardening.

 Check Mark 04
GitHub OsbornePro LLC
Shout out and kudos to OsbornePro LLC. I implemented with my desktop PC security their Windows 10 hardening script.
As of writing (September 25) , since I set up my desktop PC last (August 13, 2021), I can tell you guys that by far this is one of the best online security experience that I have been enjoying so far.
Do read my recent blog post on fingerprints and that will bring you to another level of web connection security. Link below as follows:

Also, do check out the following security-related softwares.  I use them on a daily basis without fail.

Check Mark 01Technitium

Yup! Never ever expose your real PC/laptop MAC Address to the web, or else your security posture is taken and doomed.
MAC Address Changer by Technitium

Download Link

Check Mark 02
In a sense it works like a genius lock "on/off" switch.
 Virus Protection Like No Other - VoodooShield
Download Link
This video will debunk all TPM a.k.a "secure boot" myths courtesy of Steve Gibson. TPM 1.2 versus TPM 2.0. The boxing round starts now as you click on the link below.

As an AMD product user,  as an advance preparation for October 5, 2021 Microsoft Windows 11 impending commercial release, I upgraded my mobo's BIOS matching my APU.

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F GAMING II BIOS Upgrade Windows 11
If your mobo is the same as mine, I provided a short cut link below where to download the latest BIOS as of writing.

As most of the above-mentioned are software side of security, let me bring you to the hardware side.   
Bart Simpsons Strong Passwords

Yeah, that's me before in my "Bart Simpson's" days of writing down my password in paper, (laughs).
Since I am a fan of 2FA, I decided to go all the way to MFA (multi-factor authentication) now using a security key.
My Yubico Yubikey

 Check Mark 05


No rocket science here (no batteries even required), but just is an easy  and straightforward implement to use.
YubiKey Sign in
Sign in with the YubiKey via plugging in your USB port.

You can also tap YubiKey with your mobile device with NFC.
Login Succesful

YubiKey Reasons for Using

Success means that, I have put my device to a state of highest Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) security posture and thus, preventing serious problems associated with phishing, account takeovers, hacking, et cetera keeping my data/device out of harms' way.
Find the right Yubico YubiKey now, and take the quiz.

 Check Mark 06SSD

Gone are the days of old school heavy, big, clunky and cumbersome hard disc drives which are now replaced by lightweight, smaller, better, and faster, affordable and by far more efficient called Solid State Devices, dubbed SSD.
As a rejoinder to my blogpost last April 27, 2021 dubbed

My First Desktop PC Futureproofing Build (2021)

I failed to mention in the the above-mentioned blog post link that got myself using an SSD instead of a hard disc drive. 
Currently, I use both SSD's:
Not bad since, it gets booting up from Windows 10 is so much faster and data transfer (e.g., from my desktop to a USB drive is really fast.)

SSD Blue Western Digital

At the onset of Labor Day, I got another SSD to augment my desktop PC space requirements. Again, ease of upgrade since I just need to install it on one of the available SSD slots of my ASUS ROG Strix B450-F GAMING II motherboard. 
As October draws near with the impending release of Windows 11 on October 5, and that I'm being a stickler to online security with what I just presented to you on both, the various software and/or hardware security side of things with the aim/objective of getting your security posture more elevated, and away from harm's way, you're now probably kind of one fine and ready "pugilist" to keep winning the daily battles of online/offline security.

Let me leave you with one of the greatest boxer, the late 
Muhammad Ali's with his famous word's,
"Float like a butterfly, 
sting like a bee."
All of the above-mentioned software/hardware are a combination of free/trial editions and/or out of the pocket purchases by the undersigned. the undersigned in not paid in any way by any company to comment/review products. 

If you like this blog, 

  Till next blog post. 

Keep safe, and keep blogging.

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