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Pagsanaan Sur Magsingal Ilocos Sur

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pagsanaan Dawn Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines
Pagsanaan Dawn
Serendipity brings one to unexpected and beautiful places.

Kite Surfing Competition at Pinget Island

Rewind back to a scene in time where my day started where i was doing a solo ppersonal photo 
documentation of a kite surfing international competiton- (Featured separately in my blog) at Pinget Island, Puro Beach, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. 
Pinget Island coastal view
After the kite surfing photo documentation, I went exploring around Pinget "island" beach. I later found out that there are no hotels, inns in the area and only fisherman coastal community private dwellings/homes.   
Pinget Island Puro Beach Outrigger Motorboat What a Lucky Day
With good luck, I came across a fisherman's area and inquired where to find the nearest hotel. I got a fisherman who said he knows a place and agreed to take me via a boat ride. I agreed. Cool! Boy! my day was full of surprises. Good luck going my way.

Pinget Island Puro Beach Fisherman's son
Whilst i was still at Puro Beach before boarding is a little kid, the fisherman's younger son helping his father handing him with his fishing net and a flashlight and raincoat. 

Pinget Island coastal view
So here we are with the fisherman's older son helping his dad steer the outrigger boat away from the shoreline.
Pagsanaan Sur Coastal View Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines

At this juncture, we're leaving Pinget Island's Puro Beach as I ride the motorized outrigger motorboat. 

It was nearing sunset and here i am riding a motorized outrigger boat in the front area whilst the father and son fishermen stayed at the back end. I have to reach a place to stay overnight and here i see the coastal view. We're getting midway. 

Fishermen (father and son) at Pagsanaan Sur, Magsingal
Finally, we arrived at Pag-sa-na-an Sur, Magsingal. The coastal outrigger motorized boat ride was around 6 kilometers from Pinget Island, Puro Beach to Pagsanaan Sur, Magsingal. Magsingal is a third class municipality in the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

Here i am with a quick selfie (tripod mounted DSLR + wireless remote trigger) at Pagsanaan Sur, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur. Away from the hustle bustle of the city with just the subtle and peaceful sound of sea water waves. No blaring karaoke music and definitely no tourists or people around. It was me alone to enjoy what nature presents at the moment. It was kind of a destiny to be in a place where there are no tourists whilst there is a hotel and i did not plan to arrive at this place. Again, the blessings of trusting to serendipity.   

Serendipity brings one to unexpected and beautiful places like beaches.

Pagsanaan Sur Dawn at low tide 
I woke up around 4:30 a.m. It was a good night's rest. I prepared myself and photographic gear to a dawn/sunrise seascape shoot. The sound of crickets chirping tells me it will be a very good day. Pagsanaan didn't disappoint. It was low tide and I got to capture beautiful images of the sky to sea reflection at dawn.

Pagsanaan Daybreak at lowtide
To document for posterity purposes this unplanned adventure, i decided to again to do a quick selfie (tripod mounted DSLR + wireless remote trigger). Click!

Before going to breakfast, i took this final image of Pagsanaan Sur. 

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