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The Unconventional Guide to Badoc White Sands Island

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BadocWhite Sands Island

Badoc is the first municipality of Ilocos Norte from Manila. 
You'll never get to know about a white sandy beach island 
pronounced (Bah-dhuc or Bad.Doc)

Badoc Island

Badoc Island is one of the unlisted travel adventure destination (hidden gems) and uninhabited Island being part of the localities' marine sanctuary. 
Sinait Welcome Arch Ilocos Norte Philippines
Within Badoc is a coastal barangay called Barangay La Virgen Milagrosa or locals call Paguetpet which leads to another barangay Pagsanahan.
 Coastal Badoc Farm Goat Graze Ilocos Norte Philippines  Coastal Badoc Farm  Views
Rural farm scene...grazing the kids ....
 Rural Cooking Hearth Dirty Kitchen Badoc Ilocos Norte Philippines  Hearth of the Earth Badoc
It's totally rural and don't even try to invoke any fast food outlets or restaurant once you're here. Here's the hearth of the earth....
Rule of thumb esp. when coming out of your airconditioned vehicle is to acclimatize your camera gear for 45 minutes. Don't even attempt to take photos otherwise - fogging or camera failure. 
Farm Hen Badoc
Don't disturb this hen ...
Badoc Bougainvillea Ilocos Norte Philippines White Badoc Bougainvillea Variety Ilocos Norte Philippines
Badoc's flora ...

Coastal Badoc Bull Views Ilocos Norte Philippines
It is good to capture rural coastal farm views...
Badoc Coastal Farm Hut  Ilocos Norte Philippines
Badoc coastal nipa farm huts for storage used by farmers
Coastal Badoc Views with Badoc Island at the Horizon Ilocos Norte Philippines
Whilst it was not the best time of the day to take a landscape shot, 
for posterity and personal documentation purposes 
no one says you can't ... rules are just guidelines ...

Spotted this little boy later I came to know his name - James. 
He was busy sun drying by arranging the fishes on a makeshift table covered with fishnet. 

Kid James makes sure that the fishes are orderly laid out at the make-shift table with fishnet to dry under the sun. He paused briefly to wash his hand.

He then collects the finished or well sun-dried fishes and plastic it to an open plastic container. 

Sun dried salty fish we call daing/tuyo (Tagalog ) which is a result of patience and tireless efforts.

Other fishes left to dry under the sun.
Badoc Coastal Boats Viewing Badoc Island Ilocos Norte Philippines
Badoc Island can be accessed using motorized outrigger boats at barangay Pagsanahan.
Badoc Coastal Boats Viewing Badoc Island Ilocos Norte Philippines
... there's a "secret" ... you have to be there to uncover when boarding these boats

Badoc Island boats  Badoc Island Outrigger Motorized Boats Ilocos Norte Philippines 
Badoc motorized outrigger boats ...

Badoc Island Panorama

Swim, snorkel, trek the small island, etc., I was content taking photo images in this unspoiled paradise.


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