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How I Played Around with a DSLR camera video and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Friday, April 7, 2017
Adobe Premiere CC Free 7-day Trial

I don't really take videos however, but when I do it's one continuous video clip and it happens only in a blue moon. 

The latest Manila Auto Show 2017 held last April Fool's Day got me soaked with sugar sweet creative liquid and tried a VLOG-like (kinda lame since there were no sound effects..haha). Since VLOG is a first person production, I will TRY to practice more on how Casey Neistat does it and come out with a better output the next time around.

My initial "Mount Everest technical hurdle" was on How to splice the video clips in one go. I did some searches on YouTube Lok Cheung with PGN Photo Gear News since he is one cool dude doing video footages.

To get me up to speed, I consulted a friend Elon Nagano when i saw him at the 2017 Colors of "A" Spectrum Photo Exhibit "Soaring High With Autism" (active link to my photo docu album) last April 04, 2017 at SM City Baguio Mall Atrium. It was timely since I got to install a FREE 7-day Adobe Premiere Pro CC trialware. I took Elon's suggestion by lining all the video clips in the Adobe Premiere's timeline and then followed with a nest command kinda zipped all the various clips into one video clip. There's also an import button where you can directly launch it to Youtube.

I've never opened my private YouTube Channel to the public. I'll break the rules and i'll do a  "soft launch" for the debut of my first public video documentation of an event.

Without much's my take on The Manila International Auto Show 2017. No video edits. Intro Cast : my brother Edwin, myself and an Uber driver. No audio cuts. What you see/hear is what you get. Hope you like it.😎

P.S. Humble gear video Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16 mm f/2.8 wide angle lens.
If you get bored, hyper jump to this link to a static photo docu of MIAS 2017   

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