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The Hunger Games Guide to Half A Million Views

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hunger games, not! 

It's definitely not about the Hunger Games. I realized that the synergy derived from using the combination of primarily, my passion for photography with my being a Google Local Guide and using Google Maps linked further to my personal commitment to help others, results in the unbound benefit of anyone connected to the world wide web, bar none. Humbly, I share my experience.
Cordillera Mural at Burnham Park Baguio City Philippines

It all started with just one picture dubbed  "Cordillera Mural"  I uploaded in Google Maps way back 2015. Then sometime December last year when I did Google search on Burnham park photos that I saw my photo. To my surprise, it generated around nine thousand views. I took things lightly and I never realized that time the impact of my single act of posting just one photo and its relationship with the 9 thousand views. Moving forward ...

Google Local Guides

Welcome to Google Local Guides

And on December 14, 2016, I signed up with the Google Local Guide Program. My fun meter is starting to rise... Being a Local Guide is providing visual and updated information intelligence guidance to visitors who would want to view the place on their mobile, desktop PC, etc., and get information/directions anytime, anywhere.
Google Local Guides Add A Photo
Adding photos in Google Local Guides is one of my favorite activities. I rarely use a smartphone and I heavily use a DSLR camera to take photos and do a file transfer using a camera USB connected with my desktop PC straight to the world wide web. I do admit that I am predisposed to my old school ways of doing things.  
With Google Maps, I also learned to add new places like tourist attractions in my city/country. From time to time, there are new tourist attractions that get created in a location/place and by updating the information helps lots of people.

Google Local Guide Level Two
Dec. 16, 2016-  In just two days since I started,  I immediately reached Google Local Guides Level 2. 
Google Local Guides Level 3
By repeating my Local Guides activity mainly-  Adding a Photo many times over ... the next day, Dec. 17, 2016, I reached Google Local Guides Level 3. As I've mentioned earlier, I have lots of personal images photographed that's filed in my digital repositories. For me, it was quite easy to accumulate the points. The busy Christmas holiday season then was fast catching up, however, that did not slow me down.
Google Local Guide Edit A Place

Whilst you get to know how to a Add a Place, it's also easy to Edit a Place. Some information on places get outdated I encounter this information and do the appropriate updates, for example, complete address, changes of the name of tourist spots, etc.,
Google Local Guides Level 4
Last January 14, 2I17, i reached Level 4 Google Local Guide. 

March 21, 2017, I received an email message from Google Maps, that my photos reached the half million views mark since I started last Dec 14, 2016. 

At the onset of the first month of second quarter, I'm currently at Google Guides Level 4 with 245 more points to hurdle to move up to the last Google Guides level 5.

I've currently churned 612 photos out generating 763,231 views. A million views are forthcoming. I know you can also do this too. 😊

Sign-up as a Google Local Guide now and share your world on Google Maps.


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