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Computer Security Trends WannaCry Invincibility

Monday, May 22, 2017
Maya an Illusion Deception Do Not take Computer and Internet Security for granted

Greetings! Let me give you an update on what's going on lately with my less than one quarter-old blog site. One word to describe, is humbly just, AMAZING! 😎  

I launched my site with a "naked" domain with last February 22, 2017. You start with a where xxx is your domain name. However, things changed a lot since last 26 March 2017, when I got to buy my own domain name and it's now 

In this blog, I will touch on computer SECURITY that matters most to me. A self-sustaining web/blog site rests on well-balanced pillars of content and security. In the recent global problems associated with WannaCry Ransomware, just being proactive in computer security is one of the practical things to do. Believe it or not, Ransomware attacks increase 300% in 2016
Here's a five (05) year trend on the keywords computer security.

By region of interest in computer security by Rank #1 India, #2 US, #3 UK.

In a short span of time since I started blogging last Feb 22, 2017 I kinda stacked up fast with my blog compilation of subject matter associated with computer, social media, internet security measures that I've implemented to my web browser, personal computer, domain name, etc. and give you an idea why SECURITY ranks #1 in my list. 

I just received as of writing a state of health report on the protection of my Bitdefender PC security and is rated excellent. I received three (03) blocked phishing attempts and 1 vulnerability fixed. I just leave the program in auto-pilot mode and it takes care of my day-to-day computer security. I've been using different PC security/anti-virus solutions in the past, and Bitdefender is one of the best solutions by far.

In a nutshell, computer security gives both-   me and you, my audience/readers that peace of mind and many positive benefits associated with it. It's a proactive and conscious effort to implement bite sized commitment in relation one's personal time/schedule.

It's better to put security in place now and no procrastination. There's no crying over spilled milk in the end and miserably blaming oneself when faced with the choice of deciding whether to cough up USD$ 300 dollars of bitcoin just to retrieve back your ransomed computer data. Hey guys, by the way, there is NO GUARANTEE even (if you pay) that you'll be able to retrieve back your computer data. Always err on the side of safety. 

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