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Site Optimization Makes A Better Blog

Monday, July 3, 2017

AvianQuests.Com June 2017 Site Performance Report


Hi guys! Let me start this as an auspicious precedent which will likely repeat every month. This is humbly dubbed as "AvianQuests.Com Site Performance Report" which I culled from my Cloudflare's monthly reports which will mainly dwell on the site optimization progress that we've made so far in terms of blog site security, performance, etc.,

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

AvianQuests.Com June 2017 Web Traffic

Multi-fold thanks to everyone who visited this humble site last June 2017. Do keep visiting and support our blog. 

Here's a breakdown: 
Total Unique Visitor's = pegged at 8,535;
Maximum Unique visitors = at 700; and
Maximum Unique visitors= 390.

Total Page Views of AvianQuests.Com June 2017 is 100,871.

Pageviews are calculated when someone visits AvianQuests.Com and loads the entire page. If you are visiting the site for the first time in that interval, Cloudflare will also register as a unique visitor.

If something is linking to content on AvianQuest but is not actually visiting and loading the entire page (bot, plugin, app pulling data, etc), then this would only count as a unique visitor and not a pageview.

For our search engines from four and with a recent one more addition, last month changed how our unknown and newbie site is being distributed globally to reach audience/readers. This is one of a webmaster/site owner's optimization objective. Sorry, we're not at the liberty to disclose our crawlers/bots but just the number of pages crawled. 

AvianQuests.Com June 2017 - Security

When you visit AvianQuests.Com rest assured and that's a guarantee that our blog site is 100% secured since we're SSL and https compliant. Traffic served over SSL is 58% comprised of 169,739 SSL secure requests.

Total Threats Stopped measures the number of “suspicious” and “bad” requests that were aimed at your site. Requests receive these labels by our IP Reputation Database as they enter Cloudflare’s network:

Legitimate: request pass directly to your site

Suspicious: The request has been challenged with a CAPTCHA page or JavaScript challenge page.

Bad: The request has been blocked because of our Browser Integrity Check, or because of user configured settings like WAF rules or IP range block.

Cloudflare uses Threat Scores gathered from sources such as Project Honeypot, as well as our own communities' traffic to determine whether a visitor is legitimate or malicious. When a legitimate visitor passes a challenge, that helps offset the Threat Score against the previous negative behavior seen from that IP address. Our system learns who is a threat from this activity.

In addition, to threat analytics, we can also monitor search engine crawlers going to our websites. For most websites, threats and crawlers make up 20% - 50% of traffic.

AvianQuests.Com June 2017 - Top Threat Origins - Top Traffic Origins - Top Crawlers Bots

Cloudflare's Browser Integrity Check looks for common HTTP headers abused most commonly by spammers and denies them access to our page. It will also challenge visitors that do not have a user agent or a non-standard user agent (also commonly used by bots, crawlers, or visitors).

AvianQuests.Com logged a total of 126 Top Threats (Bad Browsers) which originated from the following countries: 
France = 78; Ukraine = 32 = Philippines = 10; Hong Kong = 3 and United States = 3.

AvianQuests.Com June 2017 Threats - Total Threats - Top Country - Top Threat Type

Cloudflare classifies the threats that it blocks or challenges. To help you understand more about our site’s traffic, the “Type of Threats Mitigated” metric on the analytics page measures threats blocked or challenged by e.g., : 

Bad browser: The source of the request was not legitimate or the request itself was malicious. Users would see a 1010 error page in their browser. AvianQuests.Com traffic originating from France were users classified with bad browsers. 

AvianQuests.Com June 2017 - Fewer Servers needed - Bandwidth Served - Content Type Breakdown

The “fewer servers needed” percentage is a rough estimate of how much less capacity we need in order to handle our site’s traffic because we are using Cloudflare. This number is based on the requests and bandwidth saved by Cloudflare.

II.  Google Translate & A Better Browser

Newness is our constant motto here at AvianQuests.Com and we've just added two most important blog site features.
AvianQuests.Com  Blog Implements Google Translate

Google TranslateGoogle Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text, speech, images, sites, or real-time video from one language into another. It offers a website interface, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and an API that helps developers build browser extensions and software applications.

This will break language barriers for you to fully enjoy our blog content.

A Better Browser- Warns users with a simple message at the top of Avianquests.Com website if their browser version is too old.

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

III.  Other Implements

AvianQuests.Com Implements Floating Back To Top Button

A Floating Back To Top Button will aid you faster navigate our blog site.   


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