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How Quality Content is King Can Help You Predict the Future

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 the future is looking bright humbly let us wear some shades

I took this landscape sunrise image and intentionally edited the lower half as black & white and the upper part retained its original color which I will use in relation to this blog postOn a monthly basis, I conduct some sort of a recapitulation and look back into accumulated data from (This is not a paid endorsement.) and Cloudflare (This is not a paid endorsement.) and attempt to make a sort of analysis of gains achieved, lessons learned and the overall "health" of this humble site.

In a nutshell, achieved its 100K plus page views starting in the last month of the 2nd quarter - June 2017 with July and August also at pegged 100K plus page views. That's three consecutive months at 100K plus page views. February to August 2017 Monthly Page Views
On June 14, 2017, the increase of threats stopped (bad browsers) was attributable to the effects of the global Wannacry ransomware  (starting from May 2017) and also my compromised browser and an unrepaired Windows OS. I provided a link below as it may serve your security interests : 

Thus, a record breaking of 126 bad browsers was logged by Cloudflare. Upon the implementation of permanent technical solutions in my desktop browser plus ...
GRC fingerprinting checking is a must via :

Multi-millionfold thanks and Kudos to Steve Gibson of

Enter Go Daddy
(This is not a paid endorsement.)

I started a naked website with as on 22 February 2017. Whilst my site generated 30 blog posts for March, my traffic/page views were totally in the abyss. This is one of the reasons which prompted me to invest in own domain name and fully transition with Go Daddy on March 26, 2017. Without the proper guidance and knowledge in blog post indexing using Google, Bing, and Yandex, etc., blogs will move at a snail pace in the web. 

Enter Cloudflare
(This is not a paid endorsement.)

On April 17, 2017, I got something going with Cloudflare and the resulting difference is a 180 degrees - night and day shift which started to be realized in May where my monthly total page views were pegged at 88,839 an increase of 229.41% from April or an increase of 61,870 page views.

Enter Cloudflare HTTPS

May 11, 2017, I implemented Joram Teusink's Solution - Blogger cum Cloudflare HTTPS which contributed to a 13.54% increase of 12,032 page views and ending the month of June at a total of 100,871 page views. 

The overall net effect in implementing site security (Domain name + Cloudflare HTTPS & SSL) in my humble blog site is a 100K plus level month-end total page views for June, July and August 2017.

I also experimented in re-purposing/recycling all of my other past blog posts in the month of August 2017 which proves that quality content is king of the hill. Targetted niche plus quality blog content generates increased traffic. In addition, never experienced downtime and achieved zero outages for the month of August. pingdom stats august  2017

The amount of malicious traffic to categorized by country of origin.
Note: Cloudflare uses a GeoIP database to map IP address to countries. “Unknown” means that there wasn’t a record for in our geolocation database for an IP address.

For August, Cloudflare data reported 35 Top Threat Origins which were all stopped originating from France - 28 instances, Spain - 6 instances and US 1 occurrence.

Total Threats Stopped measures the number of “suspicious” and “bad” requests that were aimed at your website. Requests receive these labels by our IP Reputation Database as they enter Cloudflare’s network:

Legitimate: request pass directly to your website;

Suspicious: request has been challenged with a CAPTCHA page or JavaScript challenge page; and

Bad: the request has been blocked because of Cloudflare's Browser Integrity Check, or because of user-configured settings like WAF rules or IP range block. All threats stopped by Cloudflare were bad browsers which originated from different countries. Traffic Served Over SSL August 2017 via Cloudflare's Traffic Served Over SSL generated 59% or 184,063 SSL secured requests.

A total number of encrypted 'HTTPS' requests sent using SSL/TLS. Redirects from HTTP to HTTPS are still counted as unencrypted requests, so even with a page rule or origin server redirect to HTTPS, a percentage of unencrypted traffic is normal August 2017 Web Traffic Total Unique Visitors

A total of 10,799  monthly total unique visitors visited August 2017 Top Traffic Origins by Country generated Top Traffic Origins for August 2017 from the United States (Rank 1) at 150,664; followed by Germany (Rank 2) at 21,693; France (Rank 3) at 16,628; Ireland (Rank 4) at 15,691; and lastly United Kingdom (Rank 5) at 14,784. 

Note: Cloudflare uses IP addresses to identify where requests originate and map these requests by country. Includes real requests, crawlers, and threats. makes it a priority that blog site security is a premium whilst optimizing its resources at zero cost.(This is not a paid endorsement.)
Here's a SSL Report of our blog site which I generated today 5 September 2017 and that's humbly flying colors of four (4) A grade results on all servers. You can get a free SSL report from Qualys here :

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

Moving forward, the future looks so bright as I continue on a day to day basis to optimize this humble blog site and continue to churn out quality content. No crystal balls needed. 

Till next blog. 

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