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Facebook Mobile Security 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Facebook Mobile Security (2020)

A Walk-Through

SEO Facebook Mobile Security 2020

I believe that by observing "to err on the side of safety" as one of the best personal daily practices, which eventually becomes a beneficial positive habit.  

Nowadays, lots of users use mobile devices in accessing email, social media, blogs, et cetera.  I'll be sharing you how I personally access my Facebook account using any Android mobile device for you to benefit in terms of mobile computing security.

In addition, I'll be using a variety of mobile apps like i.e., CloudFlare WARP and Bitdefender VPN before I launch Facebook mobile.

Cloudflare WARP

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

It's free.  Install Now.

CloudFlare WARP

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

Google Play

Google Play

Yup.  Most of us download Facebook mobile from Google Play and install it in our Android mobile phone.  I assume that you already have access to Google and you have your Google account, Gmail, et cetera.  Once in Google Play, go to the search tab go ahead and type Facebook full version.

Facebook full version

Why?  Because there is a Facebook Lite version and I prefer the full version for this presentation/illustration complete with app functionalities.

 Google Playstore Facebook Mobile 61 MB

Download  Facebook mobile

 Facebook Mobile Install at 61 MB

Click the open tab to launch Facebook mobile which is approximately 61 MB with more varied controls/functionalities. 

Hit Install.

 Downloading Facebook Mobile


Very Important:  Wi-Fi MUST be OFF! at this juncture.  If not, turn it off.

Once you finish installing Facebook mobile, deactivate (turn-off) your internet connectivity (Wi-Fi).  Why? (For security reasons and to set properly set your Facebook Language to your choice/preference and not the default US (English).

 Facebook Mobile Open the App

Launch Facebook Mobile and Hit Open.

(Still at this juncture, your Facebook mobile access to Wi-Fi connectivity must be kept OFF.)

Choose A Facebook Account saved with Google Smart Lock,
Press - None of the Above

Choose a Facebook Account Saved With Google Smart Lock

 Choose and Press NONE OF THE ABOVE

 Log In Facebook Moile Choose More
Press More...

The More option presents you a choice of language preference to set your phone with.  For illustration/demo purposes, let me choose say, English (United Kingdom) as a default.

 Choose Facebook Language Choice Location

Then key-in/populate your Facebook login information and password.

Log In Facebook Mobile User Name and Password

DON'T click LOG-In yet (just leave it was it at the moment)

Activate / Turn ON your Mobile Phone's Wi-Fi Connectivity


Install a VPN from Google Playstore or a VPN provider of your choice/preference.

Once you are connected to your VPN, then proceed to the next layer of security authentication.

Activate and connect to your VPN.  

In this instance, say, I will use Bitdefender VPN. (14-day trial) 

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

Activating Bitdefender VPN will deactivate Cloudflare WARP.

Also you might want to check-out my past blog post dubbed

How Bitdefender Total Security 2017 Protects My Photography

 Connect to Bitdefender VPN

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

 Bitdefender VPN Connecting

 Bitdefender VPN is ON CONNECTED

SET UP Facebook Mobile and Google Authentication


 Your security method

Authentication App

You'll receive a login code via an authentication app.

Activate Google Authentication


 Google Authenticator for Android

Write down the six (06) digit number , however be mindful of the blue pie countdown ("blue Pacman") and be quick.

Go back to the Facebook Mobile log in screen and as this is the much awaited moment, now LOG-IN to your Facebook mobile.

Hit/Press Log-In.  

 Facebook Mobile Logging In

Facebook Mobile Save your Login Information Not Now

Save your log in information - select NOT NOW.

Where you're logged in status.

We're having trouble with setting up Facebook in English (United Kingdom) at the moment.  You can try again, or use Facebook in English (US) for now.

We Are Having Trouble Setting Up Facebook in English Try Again
Hit/Press Try Again.

A successful language  login say, English (UK) will set your mobile phone to default you to a UK VPN based in UK in this example, Manchester, United Kingdom.

 Turn On Facebook Location Features  

Turn On Facebook Location option (depends on your preference.)  Allow Facebook to access your location?  Facebook uses this to provide more relevant and personalized experiences, such as helping you to check in, find local events and get better ads.  Most of the time I choose, Allow.

  Allow Facebook To Access Your Location

Allow Facebook to access this device's location.  Allow.
(depends on your preference.

Allow Facebook to Access This Device's Location

For in depth information regarding Facebook location information, hit the link below:


I'll continue with a more in-depth with Facebook Mobile security on the concluding series of my blog post (which will include Facebook Messenger) and more tips and tricks.  

This next blog post will cover the following Facebook mobile:
-  login and logouts;

-  turn off sound in Facebook News feed videos;
-  activity logs;
-  clear data/cache;
-  uninstall/install;
-  two-factor authentication setup using a PC/laptop/tablet;  
- et cetera.

At the present time, how I personally use my mobile phone (Android) as I move forward 2020, and keeping in mind the importance of security as top priority to zero out/minimize problems related to mobile security problems, thus, peace of mind.

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