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Outdoor Adventure Gear Rundown 2020 (Mt Pulag)

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Outdoor Gear Rundown 2020 [Mount Pulag 2020]

I started this month preparing a documentary of my planned major mountain climb to the 3rd highest mountain of the Philippines, Mount Pulag in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines.

Documenting via photography was easy-peasy for me however, doing video format is a sort of an uphill assault of 9/10 difficulty up the Himalayas.

So, I started getting into 360 video, which can be stitched using an Android phone as I write this blog I will be using a Huawei Y9 Prime mobile phone which can get that job done.

So, I sort of got the beginning, middle, and  end of everything else in a nutshell:

I.   Beginning - Gear rundown
II.  Middle  - Trek/Climb documentation
II.  End - Post climb review/recap

Beginning (Gear Rundown)

So, the beginning was kind of setting up the documentation gear which was improvising on DSLR camera tripods using my Giotto DSLR tripod and my Huawei tripod cum selfie stick.

Hooked up my Deity VLav lavalier microphone and doing an uncut raw video recording first person type in a one night take/session when everyone at home was in dreamland.

I used the sala at home and spread out newspapers then a gray "down" quilt  to for the gears travel adventure gear to be shot.

For lighting, just the given warm incandescent lamps and nothing technical as this can be done practically by anyone.  Keeping practical and things simple.

I also turned off the power of 75 liters aquarium at home as the sound of the overhead water filter and water flow and achieving no ambient sound/noise interfering during the video recording.

By the way, this is my first attempt to use the Deity VLav to record my voice which was  a cool thing, but it will be a dry mix.

I proceeded to organize all my mountain climbing gear and stuffed them all in my Mountain Hardwear Scrambler RT 40 OutDry Bag Pack while the rest at a sofa.

  • Mountain Hardwear Scrambler RT 40 OutDry Bag Pack, 
  • Godspeed Waist Bag,
  • Generic Pouch organizer
  • Ziploc bags
  • Forclaz 500 Mummy O to -5Celcius Sleeping Bag
  • Coleman Emergency Thermal Blanket
  • Naturehike Foam Pad
  • Quechua Foam Pad
  • NatureHike Inflatable Mattress


  • Quechua Raincoat jackets and pants
  • Solognac Waterproof Mil Cap
  • Solagnac Waterproof Mountain Boots
  • Nautica Hooded Parka Jacket
  • Forclaz Hooded Down Jacket
  • Wedge Long sleeve
  • Dakota artcic precision waterproof gloves
  • NatureHike USB Head Lamp
  • USB Stick
  • Osprey 2.5 Liters Water Hydration Pack
  • Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System
  • Solognac Bermuda
  • Columbia men's Silveridge Omni-Wick Trousers
  • Calvin Klein Fleece Jacket
  • Quechua M550 Men's Convertible Walking Trousers
  • CK Wool Beanie
  • Zara Wool Man
  • Wedge Neck Fleece Gaiter
  • Solagnac Green Hunting Mosquito Net
  • SeaToSummit Travel Towel
  • Naibadji Microfiber Towel
  • SeasToSummit Spork
  • US Mil Can Opener
  • Zebra Mug
  • Lanshan 2P UL 4 Season Tent
  • HitokHike Carbon Ultralight Trekking Poles
  • Bic Lighter
  • Guitar Pick
  • Scissors
  • Aptonia Blister Pads
  • First Aid Kit
  • H202
  • Basic Fruit Knife
  • Tent Sealing Kit
  • Kalenji Handheld Rubber Strap for drinking bottles
  • Generic wiring pen
  • Collapsible Aluminum Chair
  • Huawei Y9 2019 with compass
  • Xiaomi 2000mAh Portable USB Powerbank
  • USB cables
  • Diety VLav lavalier Microphone
  • G Shock Basic Black
(For items I might have missed out, or decided not to bring will be discussed in the Part II of my blog.)

I did not use or prepare any script.  So, everything in the audio-video recording was done spontaneously, impromptu.  Sorry, for the fillers.  Next time, I will come up with a script.

For items I inadvertently missed out in the video documentation, I used thumbnail photos and spliced it in the video in the post processing.

Day 1:Video Editing

Lightbulb moment that gets lit and spread fast like a wildfire in terms of enthusiasm that got me started and thus, this video documentation was one of the longest ones I did using an Android mobile phone around 28 minutes of recorded video.

The next hurdle is to transfer the video's  raw footage from  the video footage of my mobile phone to my desktop PC. Done. 

Now the real "work" begins that is, video editing. Personally, i would prefer the raw version however, I decided why not starting to learn the ropes of video editing. Newness in 2020.

So I ended up with a trial version of Filmora 9.3. And as I write this latest blog post, I literally stayed up 24 hours overnight having fun doing playing with the video edits.

I finally decided on Filmora and get a licensed version for Windows 10. Done!  The user friendly  interface and workflow running through Windows 10 was quite easy.  

A family celebration to a local diner got me to temporary creative pause/break from the edits. I needed to recharge food-wise too ha ha.

Day 2: Curve ball

Catching up to where I left at the video edits at around 90%  and curveballs do occur during a vlog post-production. Got bad review at home regarding the rough video cut transitions and dry video sound.

So, moving forward I will be adopting the following enhancements to enhance the quality.  3 things:

1. Decouple my uncut voice from the raw video footage; Done!

2. Record a new voice over dub plus via Filmora or via 3rd part app with reverb effects; Done using Ableton DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 


3.  After getting some voice tweaks/optimization using Ableton Live, I sync that with Filmora 9.3. Just like instant coffee drinks, everything nowadays gets quite easy to mix/prepare. No rocket science needed.

 Launch Day

Here's my first baby step attempt with video editing my Vlog using Filmora 9.

Give me your thoughts on the feedback/comment section of my blog site or YouTube channel, TheAvianQuest and do subscribe/and hit the notification bell to enable me to sustain churning out blogs and vlogs.


Coming soon next month will be my full documentation of my climb to Mount Pulag 2020 great outdoors adventure.  Thanks much for dropping by.  



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