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September to Remember (2020)

Saturday, September 26, 2020


September to Remember (2020)

I just woke up from a restful state and after giving justice to the physical body with a deep (siesta) and with that, I found myself in front my desktop PC.

Fast forward to the start of this month which was filled with surprises and opportunities which came into natural fruition and as I continue to churn out blogs of my humble site,  I kind of make a brief summary of what transpired this month.

On the technology side of things, I was lucky to get hold of myself a OnePlus NORD Android device.  Link below on the unboxing.


I was planning to launch this video separately with a Dbrand grip case, however I was informed that my product orders for the DBrand NORD grip case will still be shipped in October. So, that's for that at the moment. 
Whilst I put the OnePlus NORD into use, hopefully by next month, I will be done with my in depth review of this great Android mid-ranger device.
Also, as I write, now using Google Blogger's latest update to their latest and in the final weeks of their transition. So, bye “Revert to legacy Blogger” which is no longer available. Nothing new, as I am used to adopting and adapting to changes. 
By the way, the photo montage above is Mount Tenglawan, which I took when I went up to Mount Kabunian in Bakun, Benguet (Cordillera Administrative Region).  Link below.


Again, as the windows of opportunity for travel is slowly showing positive signs, I will also be doing a follow-up blog and/or review of my mountaineering gear next month.

 Signs of things to come

I will also be introducing in October more tech unboxing/reviews in the field of audio equipment. I'm not an audiophile, but a humble music enthusiast.

Also by the way, I am now at Level 7 as an official Google Local Guide.
If you want to sign up as a Google Local Guide, it's FREE and sign up now.

And last but not the least, multi-millionfold thanks to the following: 
(this is not a paid endorsement/sponsorship)

Cloudflare turns 10 this year! Starting on Monday, September 28th 
(Congratulations and Cheers!)

Better days ahead. Keep safe everyone! 

~Peter of AvianQuest










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