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AvianQuest is now Google Local Guide 7

Saturday, October 3, 2020




 That's right guys. Your humble blogger just reached Level 7 being a Google Local Guide.
 In a nutshell, as follows:

Wow, and also, now I'm very close in reaching my favorite goal, that is, to claim my Google Local Guide - Expert Photographer badge and Novice Trailblazer badge. 


11 million views received for places that I've added.  Well, that's absolutely amazing.
And from 1 million views generated from 747 photos in Google maps to now at 7 million views, and about to reach 8 million views, is truly unbelievable.  
My years of constant enjoyment via photography and helping people in Google Maps is now in the stage of middling stage fruition at Level 7, and moving forward.


To sum it up, humbly, here's a breakdown of what my Google Guide Level 7 looks like at the moment.

    Become a Google Local Guide now
 (Definitely no rocket science involved! )

Sign up, it's free, at

AvianQuest Google Guide Level 7
As I move forward in my journey of reaching 5,75 points (Level 8)  starting October 1, 2020, in this challenging times, I'll make it a point to always count my blessings of good health, good relationships with nature, people, animals (since I am vegan) and grab hold of any mobile phone with decent camera or DSLR and start documenting via photos/videos places of interest that I visit.

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Keep Safe Everyone.

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