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AvianQuests 2020 Google Local Guide Recap

Friday, December 18, 2020

 AvianQuests 2020 Google Local Guide Recap

AvianQuests Google Guides 2020 Guiding Star

On December 16, 2020, I received from Google Local Guides an email which reads, "Avian, see your accomplishments on Google Maps in 2020."
To this, I am humbly sharing as a sort of a recap regarding my journey for this year being a Google Local Guide according to the contents of the email.

"Thanks for your contributions in 2020.  This year, you and millions of Local Guides around the world helped people find the best places to go (or order from) safely. All of your reviews, photos, and updates helped to keep people informed, in a year where that was never more important.

So, before we move on to a new year, let's look back at what you've accomplished on Google Maps in 2020."
2020 Thanks

 Here's what you accomplished.

AvianQuests 113 Contributions
It's obvious that my passion for photography tops the list in terms of numbers contributed which is translated by the number of photos at 45 photos which which I posted in Google Maps this year.
This is followed by Answers which verifies accuracy of information factoids of e.g., places, establishments, et cetera.
For videos, this is the one which I will start to develop as a skill more this coming 2021. 
AvianQuest Levels Up 2020
I can't believe I hit my goal this year and achieve Level 7 being a Google Local Guide in Google Maps.
AvianQuest Level 7 Google Local Guide Google Maps
You can check out my previous blog post, for the details with the link below of how I achieved Local Guide Level 7.

AvianQuest Top Five Percent Local Guide Baguio City
Whoops, now here's a curve ball I did not expext. It's not bad getting a Top 5% as Google Map Local Guides in Baguio City.  Yey! 

AvianQuests Best Run 16 Weeks Longest Contribution Streak

When the creativity bug bits you coupled with a surge of zeal and enthusiasm just overflows in abundance and eventually ends up for the benefit of everyone using Google maps.  Let me try beat this personal best of the longest 16 weeks of contribution streak next year.

AvianQuests 2020 70,899 Photo Views

AvianQuests 2020 Reviews Hits 16,867 views

Again for details of my photos, you can check out my previous blog post, in the link below:


Google Local Guides Thanks AvianQuests

With the current global situation and day-to-day challenges we hurdle, with a bite sized commitment, I move forward with pure pride and humility and continue to contribute with my utmost ability, skills, talents, and experiences for the betterment of mankind via Google Maps.  Everything becomes possible with the One, the Supreme Soul, God. Keep safe everyone. Seize the day! 

P.S. For videos, do check and/or subscribe to my humble YouTube channel. Link below. Thanks much.


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