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My Windows 11 Compatibility Check Up

Friday, October 1, 2021




 My Windows 11 Compatibility Check Up

Windows 11 Come in

As I am anticipating the impending release of Microsoft Windows 11, I head over to the official Windows 11 site.

The above-mentioned is a screenshot of Windows 11.
To prepare your laptop/PC for the Windows 11 upgrade, check for compatibility first.

PC Health Check app for Windows 11

Download Windows 11 PC Health Check App.
Official download link below:

App for installation
Hit Save File.

Run and install the file.

Windows 11 Fully Compliant Eligibility Results
B W 11
Above are screenshots of Windows 11 fully compliant eligibility results of my desktop PC with the following information:

Check Mark A

This PC supports Secure Boot.

Check Mark B

TPM 2.0 enabled on this PC. TPM: TPM 2.0

Check Mark C
The processor is supported for Windows 11.
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G with Radeon Graphics.

Check Mark D
There is at least 4 GB of system memory (RAM)
System memory: 16 GB

Check Mark E

The system disk is 64 GB or larger.
System storage: 256 GB

Check Mark F
The processor has two or more cords.
Processor cores: 4

Check Mark G
The processor clock speed is 1 GHz or faster.
Clock speed: 3.8 GHz
In a nutshell, I did not have any problems whatsoever with the latest  Windows 11 PC Health Check App.  It was seamless and pretty simple and straightforward  to go through. (Kudos, Microsoft for that.)

Screenshot of Windows 11

Now, I guess we will just wait for the official release of the commercial Windows 11 come October 5.
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