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My Cort Action DLX Plus Bass

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

My CORT Action DLX Plus Bass


CORT Action DLX Plus Active Bass

In a nutshell, this blog post will cover the following:

A.    Why I chose CORT Action DLX Plus bass, and
B.    Detailed Steps (Day 1)
  • Unboxing
  • Unstring/strip
  • Clean/refresh
  • Tighten 
  • Polish
  • Adjust
  • String
  • Install
  • Tune
  • Intonate
  • Rest
And further , detailed Steps (Day 2)
C.    Registration
D.    Last but not the least, next forward looking  plans
A.    Why I chose the CORT Action DLX Plus bass

I have a penchant of keeping my memory sharp by constantly doing mental work.  Like, keying in multi-factor passwords (by heart) , and/or logging in global time commands to reset to my desktop PC clock, which in my humble opinion works well for my case.
Fast forward, when a sale madness was happening locally here where I live, which was dubbed "Eleven-Eleven" which got me "unconsciously" sort of purchasing a new electric bass guitar (without breaking the bank).
My gut senses told me that 11th of November being also a Thursday, in which is a Satguruwar "Day of the Satguru" especially in India as spiritually-inclined people consider this day as super elevated, which in fact worked in my favor, thus my wish was granted.

Enter, CORT!

I never knew that CORT originates in south east Asia and is a guitar manufacturer based specifically in Seoul, Korea. 
Until I read their About in their webpage, and that they're in the business for around 50 years and moving strong. 
For those also new to CORT, it is actually dubbed as COR-TEK with munufacturing sites located in Indonesia and China.
This video bass shootout emerged, Cort as one of the top best choice.

Video below:
Budget Bass Shootout Cort Action Bass Plus et cetera

Budget Bass Shootout by Nate Navarro Cort Action Bass Plus.
The CORT Action Bass Plus scored:

Action                 4/4
Intonation          3/4 
Neck                     4/4 
Strings                3/3 
Frets                   5/5 
Hardware           5/5 
Finish                   4/5 
Feel                      5/5 
Ergonomics         4/5 
Sound                   5/5 
Overall Quality   5/5 
Total                 47/50 
Value              214 points
Whilst the abovementioned is a different model of CORT, nevertheless it served as one key influence in my decision to buy a CORT bass.
My last bass guitar was black, so I opted this time for newness reasons and going for the another only color which is 
Cherry Red Sunburst.
Cherry Red
Cherry Red has the hex code #CC252C. The equivalent RGB values are (204, 37, 44), which means it is composed of 72% red, 13% green and 15% blue.
Sunburst has the hex code #F1C902. The equivalent RGB values are (241, 201, 2), which means it is composed of 54% red, 45% green and 0% blue. 
Action DLX Plus Cherry Red Sunburst Bass

I also checked out the commercial/video.

I am really impressed with The specs of CORT Action DLX which carries an affordable price range of around U.S. $294.00.
A budget bass, is not a synonym to mean a cheap bass. What i paid for is a real bang for the buck.
And that's not bad at all with the mid-range specs/features it carries.

Again, diving down to the bass specs of the CORT Action DLX, which actually got me purchasing this bass was that, I actually am inclined to active-bass pick up/systems. 
Almost all of my bass guitars I owned in the past were battery-powered with active EQ. 
With CORT Action DLX, this is an exception, as this is a mid-range soap box style pick up with a super engaging Markbass® MB-1 active equalizer circuitry. Whistles and bells indeed.

Factoid:  I compared all, the CORT bases falling under the general Action category of the Cort basses, and that CORT Action DLX only shares the same active Markbass MB-1 EQ with the higher class Cort Action DLX V AS. Kind of the only two jewels in the CORT bass Action tier. (I bet you did not know that.) 


Further, let me quote Cort on  "The Markbass MB-1 EQ "provides a very natural and transparent boost that does not color the organic nature or resonance of the instrument’s woods. 

The crystal clarity and natural warmth combined exude a passive feel with smooth lows, full-bodied mids, and bell-like highs. The Markbass 3-Band EQ brings out the best acoustic nature of the bass instrument." 


So, in tandem and cooperation with the Cort soapbox humbucker bass pick ups, CORT further goes "Developed with tonal flexibility in mind, the PDX soapbar pickups deliver a strong fundamental low-end that is ideal for classic and traditional bass sounds.  

The front active Cort Action DLX pickup exhibit a firm mid-range ideal for finger picking, classic rock sounds, whilst the rear pickup provides more power, and focus for aggressive music as well as for slapping with greater force than J-type pickups." 


Cort Action DLX Bass Specs

Just as Black Friday is in the offing, my bass guitar arrived today, November 23 (Tuesday), and thank God for that.
II.    Detailed steps (day i)
UNBOXING - As I anticipated this unboxing was a tough one, since I gave the supplier/vendor additional instructions to double on the packing materials (which he did) since my bass will traveling from the flatland up to the boondocks.
CORT shipment

My buddy, Kibah pictured below agrees with my brand new, and "freshly unboxed" CORT Action DLX Plus active bass guitar.
Kiba concurs with my CORT Action DLX Plus
I made a simple, YouTube already unboxed bass.

Link below:
So, let us situate ourselves on the same page as per the specs on paper, bass shootout info, and what I actually experienced with the CORT DLX Action bass.

What I did was the following:
UNSTRING/STRIP - It's a good idea to de-stress your bass guitar after travel by removing the bass strings. Remove the factory installed bass strings, and price stickers/tabs attached. This will prepare you to the next step.

CLEAN/REFRESH - as the bass probably came from long storage/display thus, it needs refreshing by cleaning the body, neck, and head with dry cotton swabs, lint free cloth.

TIGHTEN - as the bass traveled from the originating factory abroad to various travels from foreign imports which got subjected to jarring, temperature changes/humidity, it's best to tighten the nuts and bolts of the bass.

POLISH - after cleaning, do simple buffing, and polishing which will keep the bass in mint condition. Again, no harsh chemicals. I found a vegan insect repellant which I used for cleaning the fret board with the following active ingredients: Oil of soybean, oil of citronella, oil of peppermint, oil of cedar, oil of lemongrass and oil of geranium.
ADJUST - this is not for the newbies or faint of heart. One must have to do detailed research first on how to do a bass neck truss rod adjustment. This involves checking the bass neck for its current state: convex or concave or straight.
electric bass neck status
My bass was a little convex when it arrived with the bass strings attached.
CORT Action DLX Plus truss rod adjustment
After removing all the bass strings, I have to adjust the truss rod using an Allen wrench, which came with my bass.  
Allen Wrenches Truss Rod Cover and screw

The CORT Action DLX Plus's truss rod is located at the bass head. Just loosen tiny screws of the black plastic truss rod cover with a micro screw driver.

I proceeded to adjust the truss rod of the bass by doing a quarter turn to 2 o'clock, and then proceeded to the next step.

Caution: Take small incremental  adjustment with the bass truss rod. One adjustment action per day, and spread the adjustment time to the next day. I took 1/4 turn based upon your existing case, whether convex or concave neck.

This phased truss rod adjustment process will prevent you from overdoing it, which might render the neck unusable if not observed properly.

STRING - Since I didn't have new set of bass strings available, I reused the existing strings by bringing the strings to a boil with clean water for 2 minutes.  Dry under the sun, and wiped the bass strings.  Afterwhich, installed the bass strings. E (fattest string)- A - D - G (thinnest string). 

Roland BOSS

INSTALL - Installed 9 volts batteries for both, the Roland BOSS TU-8 Guitar/Bass, and the CORT Action DLX Plus bass (located at the back of the body).

TUNE - I then prepped with a guitar audio cable through the input jack of my multi decade-aged old school and reliable Roland BOSS TU-8 Guitar/Bass tuner to do the job.

Boss TU-8 Tuner

INTONATE - with a micro allen wrench, I tweaked the bass saddle adjustments by either lowering or heightening the same. 
My bass only needed a little dropping of string height to neck. After a saddle adjustment tweak, tune, repeat. Easy peasy.

Adjusting intonation and string height
A low string to neck setting/intonation with allow for ease of bass play-ability.

REST - After getting the bass intonated, and tuned, I loosed the strings and placed dessicant packs back in the gig bag to prepare for Day 2. 
Let your home/environment's humidity get the bass wood to adjust and settle down. Acclimate as they say.

Detailed steps (day 2)

Engaging the bass for further gear tests.
Since, I loosened the bass strings last night, I have again to check intonation, and string height, et cetera.
Roland BOSS
I used a Roland BOSS Training Monitor and Line Driver TM-3 and Roland BOSS TU-8 Chromatic bass and guitar tuner to do the bass test with an ES4 in-ear (IEM) pictured below.
Further, during the bass test, I learned that you have the freedom to choose ACTIVE or PASSIVE modes of bass playing with the CORT Action DLX Plus.
This will only be made possible with a fresh battery that will you be able to engage the the 
Markbass MB-1 EQ in active mode.
Without a battery, you will be left to play with in passive mode only using the Markbass MB-1 EQ which is still great.
Battery compartment
This is a plus, so that during practice, or gigs and you suddenly run out of battery "juice", you still be able to play in passive mode. Thus, it is a win-win using a CORT Action DLX Plus bass. 
No interrupted or failed gigs due to fail safe switching to passive mode without battery support.  
Passive Active Toggle Switch Selector
Further, it saves you money $$ from buying batteries since the passive mode doesn't engage the batteries, thus longer battery time stored for active bass playing when needed.
I've owned and used active bass in the past, but without a battery, there is no passive mode alternative. 
The active circuitry is locked to only active mode, and thus, requiring a fresh battery to use the bass for gigs/practice/sessions.

Further, I learned that you have the freedom to choose ACTIVE or PASSIVE modes of bass playing with the CORT Action DLX Plus.
Only with a fresh battery will you be able to engage the the 
Markbass MB-1 EQ in active mode.
Battery compartment closed
Without a battery, you will be left to play with in passive mode only using the Markbass MB-1 EQ. 
Audio cable jack input port
With an L-type of bass audio cable, I connected it at the right side edge of the bass body slightly below the strap back joiner. This is a good place/position since it does work of keeping itself attached as the bass audio cable can go through the strap which will further hold it in place.
The only minor cosmetic imperfection which possibly escaped keen quality inspection in the factory/or caused by other reason which is unknown.

On the next blog, I will be featuring more about this cool 4-string active-passive bass.

By the way, if you just purchased one, do not forget to REGISTER your CORT instrument. 
My CORT Action DLX Plus bass head back side

(Note: I purposely digitally removed my serial number on the image above for privacy/security purposes.)
I registered mine online for proper records keeping/other reasons and purposes.

It was quite straightforward with drop down options.

"Register Your Guitar Online For Better Customer Service!

To register your guitar, please complete and submit the form below.

  • This online Registration Form applies to products purchased from an Authorized Dealer registered with the Authorized International Distributor.

  • To locate your nearest authorized International Distributor, click here.

  • Your information will be delivered to the Authorized International Distributor near you.

  • Each Country/Distributor may have a different Warranty Policy.

  • For further information, please contact your nearest Authorized Dealer.

  • Please note that the warranty may not cover instruments which have been purchased from an unauthorized dealer."

By providing the following information:
Model purchased
Model name
Serial number
Dealer name
Purchase date
How long have you played guitar?
How did you know Cort?
Who advised you to buy Cord?

Hit Register of your purchased CORT instrument, product and you've got your legit CORT.
Next steps/forward looking plans
Upgrade and install Bass Hipshot D-tuner/extender - Well, I have already found a supplier/vendor for this important piece of bass add-on.
Bass amplifier/speaker - I am still in the process of comparing specs, brands, et cetera.
Bass effects - I will feature come next blog post.

Bass gig bag - since my purchase included a freebie gig bag, that'll suffice for now as out planet's great reset still limited human traffic/movement and public gigs. 
Once serious gigs starts, I will have to invest to a higher end gig bag/case for travel purposes.

If you like this blog, 

  Till next blog post. 

Keep safe, and keep blogging.

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