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BirDCord USB Powers My Roland BOSS TU-8: A Use Case

Monday, March 14, 2022

 USB Power Cable Converter BirdCord
BirDCord USB 
Powers My
Legacy Roland BOSS TU-8 
Use Case

I accidentally got in a unique use case involving  my Roland BOSS TU-8 chromatic tuner, which is now classified as a legacy product by Roland BOSS.

It's been such a long time since I used my Roland BOSS TU-8 chromatic tuner. 

If I can remember exactly that was 2019.
However, when I placed a fresh battery today, my Roland BOSS TU-8 
won't just power up/turn on.
So, initially I concluded that the battery clip with oxide build-up might be the issue.
I thought that was the end of my bass tuner.

In the long shot, 
I might get it repaired by 
a technician, which remains uncertain.
Then, a twist of fate.
Today, my  BirDCord USB for 
9 volts arrived, which was originally intended for powering up a T-Cube EQ-7 series pedal for my bass guitar.
Unopened packet of the BirDCord.


Above is an unpacking video of the BirdCord. Just mouse over and click to play.

Enjoy! (Also, do subscribe to my humble YouTube channel).

 Legacy Support Use Case BirDCord USB Roland BOSS TU-8 Chromatic Tuner
Lightbulb moment!
I did check the product specs of both, the TU-8 Roland Boss, and the BirDCord USB cable and guess what,
BirDCord specs:
USB Type A 
Converts 5 DC to 9 volts DC
with DC 5.5 x 2.1 mm 
Center negative polarity

BirDCord 5 volts DC to 9 volts DC USB
FACTOID:  Yup! BirDCord follows almost all of Roland BOSS products
specs, and it says further on the BirDCord manual, "BOSS style"!
All right, so that finally solved my DC power problem, and also a new leash in life for my legacy
BOSS TU-8 chromatic tuner is not that that "legacy" after all.

As I initially suspected turned out to be true, the defective battery clip, which I will never be using anyway.
So, this is BirDCord USB is for keeps in the use case bucket involving powering up legacy products in my case 9 volts i.e., BOSS et cetera.

You Will Never Have To Buy Batteries Again!
Use the Birdcords in combination with an ordinary USB power bank to become grid-independent. 

No more one-way batteries! No more expensive power supplies! Play your music outside!


No More Hum, Buzz, And Hiss!
Silence is our passion: BirDCord products operate completely noise-free.


Designed To Last.
BirDCord uses high-quality components and hardware to satisfy the needs of the touring and recording musician.


I outsourced the

 GuitarPusher Official Site
My video editing software is a licensed Filmora Wondershare version 11.


All products mentioned in this blog post are definitely NOT a paid  product feature/endorsement.
I personally bought the product/s using my personal out -of-pocket money.

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