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AvianQuest was born and educated in Baguio City, Philippines.

He graduated  Bachelor of Science in Commerce with Marketing as a minor and Management as major at Saint Louis University.

Avianquest is self-taught in photography and music. He plays guitar and bass. 

Personal, Artistic and Aesthetic

Avianquest has his own photography portfolio in Vogue Italia
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Avianquests.com focuses on travel destination blogs covering the Philippines- Regions I, II, Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) using photography to document society/ethno-indigenous culture, landscapes at dawn/dusk; coastal communities; local livelihood, etc., 

Avianquest uses NIKON DSLR camera and he just passed the first round of photography judging of the prestigious Nikon Photo Contest 2016-2017.

AvianQuests.Com Official Logo 
What My Soul Perceives tagline

The logo design literally means "Third Eye". Our two eyes (physical) just channels and acts like mirrors of our "Soul" or a "camera eye" (meta-physical). So to embed the logo in a viewer is that I intentionally placed two physical eyes representation into just one all looking eye again we refer to as "soul". The interaction of the eyes overlaps in a Venn-like diagram. Our Mind, Intellect, and Subconscious (three metaphysical components) of our soul. The mind which generates our thoughts; the Intellect (decisions), and Subconscious (the past/present/future memories). Our soul represents our true eternal religion of peace.  
What My Soul Perceives is an attempt to create a tagline and again an intentional gross way to represent the subtle workings of the soul in a meaningful statement.