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Site Newness Contributes To A Better Blog

Friday, September 29, 2017

AvianQuests.Com Blog Newness Reloaded

Hi guys! Humbly, newness is the new black and so I've decided to give my humble blog site a non-invasive "botox" shot (laughs).

I personally dig the absence of clutter and I love the minimalism which is one factor that made me decide for this neat/clean aesthetic blog change make-over. At the end of the day, there is no substitute to quality content and structure follows strategy. 'Nuff said and moving forward.


AvianQuest.Com New Minimalist Template

The MENU section (horizontal) is straightforward as follows: 


DESTINATIONS- blog listing by location based in  North Luzon, Philippines; 

BLOG CONTESTS - lists all my blog post starting from the latest blog post and the last blog post that I've made since I started blogging;

PHOTOGRAPHY- lists featured photography topics;

TECHNOLOGY- blog listing dealing with "rocket science";

ABOUT - that's about the blog and myself;




Underneathe the Menu section is my social media links

and lastly the SEARCH (the blog contents).

AvianQuest.Com New Minimalist Template Slider

With this "new look", you can now immediately get a "heads-up" of the featured blogs based on the label/category I chose for the day/week to display. 

The automated slider automatically plays only once for you and once it's done and you still haven't selected a blog to view, you can use the manual sliders (left/right) to navigate.

AvianQuest.Com New Minimalist Template Slider

Before I have a dynamic featured section but it was very small and I've tried to make the thumbnail images bigger but to no avail. This time around you guys get a featured section which is visually bigger and won't require magnifying glasses (laughs).  

Furthermore, there's a navigation for you to READ MORE for each blog post and social media icons if you want to share the blog to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

And don't be shy, just leave some comments in the comments link (once activated/clicked- a pop-up will be activated for you to add what's on your mind.)

You can also navigate/cycle through OLDER POSTS button.


"Sidebar" - Well, it's definitely a 100% non-alcoholic beverage section (laughs).
AvianQuest.Com New Minimalist Template Sidebar  Navigation and Social Media Features & RSS

About Me-  with a shameless mugshot;

Social Media links- Buttons to follow AvianQuest (same as what's up in the Headers section);

RSS Feed (Subscribe via Email) - It's 100% SPAM FREE. Why not give it a try;

Popular Posts- are determined by reader's choice of blogs; 

Pinterest - acts as a "sandwich spread" between my Popular Posts and Recent Posts; 

Recent Posts- my fresh blog posts; and lastly

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE - or related posts now appears to blog posts which are similarly tagged/classified.   


Blog Archive - blogs per month since I started February this year;

Labels - specific categories of my blog posts;  

Pages - is an equivalent to Menu section but this one is presented vertically. Although, this does not include sub-menu listing; and

Instagram feed (NEW) - Whilst I share my images via Instagram, I've decided to join the bandwagon and also share it via this blog page.


The following are blog features which were removed/discontinued:

Floating Back To Top Button - I removed my third party plug-in since my blog template has a built-in code.

Pace - a third party plug-in which automatically show a progress bar when the page is loading.

Google Translate 

BAD BACKLINKS - I applied Google disavow and now they're all gone.

Till next blog. 

Copyright Notice: The visual content, images, videos and articles featured on this site is copyright to www.avianquests.com (unless otherwise stated or if it is a public domain/reference ) and may not be reproduced in any blog or elsewhere in any way without explicit written permission. If you own rights to any of the featured photos or content contained herein and you do not wish them to appear on this site, please contact us via email and it will be promptly taken down/removed.

Don't Hold Back Support The Blog

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Don't Hold Back Support Our Humble Site Avianquests.com Multi-millionfold Thanks

Hi guys! 

Greetings of peace! 

Time and resources are used to continuously maintain this site, so we need your ongoing support. 
Please consider supporting our blog site by buying your camera gear/accessories and/or avail products/services from our trusted partners.

We do not run any kind of advertising at this time to cover any costs. All we are asking you to do is to check out our featured banners/links in our blogs.

Doing this won’t cost you a penny and it won’t affect price, but it will give us a small share of the percentage of the sale generated through our banners/links to continue funding our photo travel documentations and allow us to maintain/expand the blog site in the future.

Next time when you need to purchase any kind of photo gear, accessory or avail of products/services, please consider visiting any of the banners/links below or those ads which we feature in our blog posts:

Your continued and generous support is highly appreciated. 

Cheers! 😎


The Only Purple Resource You'll Ever Need

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Thankful Avianquests.com photo by ©opyright avianquests.com

Purple (color)

Purple Google (purple search engine theme)

Facebook's purple "Thankful" flower Button

Purple (bird)

Facebook Purple (mattress)

Deep Purple (band)

Purple Youtube (mattress)

Purple (animal)

Purple Twitter (mattress)

Purple (bacteria)

Purple (animal)

Purple (beverage)

Purple (syrup)

Enjoy! 😎

Zero Advertisement Blogs at AvianQuests.Com

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Zero Advertisement Blogs 😎here

Armenian զրո Azerbaijani sıfır 
Bengali শূন্য Chinese Simplified 零 
Chinese Traditional
Georgian ნულოვანი Gujarati શૂન્ય Hindi शून्य 
Hmong zero Japanese ゼロ Kannada ಶೂನ್ಯ
Kazakh нөл Khmer សូន្យ Korean 제로 Lao ສູນ 
Malayalam പൂജ്യം Marathi शून्य
Mongolian тэг Nepali शून्य Sinhala ශුන්ය 
Tajik нол Tamil பூஜ்யம்
Telugu సున్నా Thai ศูนย์ Urdu صفر Uzbek nol Vietnamese số không Arabic صفر
Hebrew אפס Persian صفر Turkish sıfır Afrikaans zero Chichewa ziro Hausa sifili Igbo efu
Sesotho zero Somali eber Swahili sifuri Yoruba odo 
Filipino sero Indonesian nol
Javanese nul Malagasy aotra Malay sifar Maori kore Esperanto zero Haitian Creole zewo
Latin nulla .. etc., ... 

What Mom Never Told You About Kath V. Photography Giveaway

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kath V. Photography*** GIVEAWAY ***

For months, we have been working on a very special project – My SIGNATURE STYLE SITTERS SESSIONS - Teaching Video Series. This has been a labour of love and I am very proud of the results!

To celebrate its release, I am giving away the COMPLETE SERIES of my teaching videos valued at $595 to ONE LUCKY WINNER!

LIKE - Kath V. Photography

SHARE - this post 

TAG - a photographer friend or friends in this post. One lucky winner will be determined by woobox.com and winner announced on Wednesday, 5th of April when the new videos are released.

COMPETITION CLOSES – Wednesday, 5th of April at 12 noon AEST.

How Vogue Italia is the New Black

Monday, March 27, 2017

Vogue Italia - Who? Vogue, yeah...Now does that ring a bell?

Whilst Vogue is mostly into the fashion world, photographers do matter a lot to them since it is the platform which Vogue documents its products, events, etc.,

My involvement with Vogue Italia started in 2013. It's not a big deal however, it's kinda a deadly sin like say, you pursue an uncontrolled indulgence on your choice of chocolates whilst you're currently observing a spartan health diet (weight loss program). Hahaha. A world class image platform for your image portfolio for free-- why not. 

Humbly, building a photography portfolio is not that hard at all. The real challenge is once you submit your images for review,, Vogue Italia has a "clearinghouse" and that your images must pass their criteria before they approve your image submissions. This curatorship process is a third party mind filtering the images you have a bias but does not make the cut. If what you favor gets approved, then it's still okay.   

Once your image passed Vogue "clearinghouse/thumbs-up" of their photography editor/s, you'll get the Vogue stamp, the seal of approval of your photo and your image gets published with Vogue Italia magazine. Only Vogue Italy has this win-win arrangement with photographers.

Vogue Italia White Horse Moonlight Serenade by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo  Vogue Italia White Horse Moonlight Serenade by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo

The first image I submitted and was approved. It was published by Vogue Italia on 02.12.2013. A straight-forward black and white equine. Fauna theme.

Vogue Italia White Horse Pink Mane by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo My First Vogue Italia Portfolio Approved Image 

My follow-up submission that made it to the cut in the same year 26.11.2013 was a selective desaturation composition.Again, most photographic editors at Vogue Italia are imbued with "out of the box" mind set.
Vogue Italia gives their approval and publication information in Italian. Here's how it looks ...
n° Fotografi: 73051
n° Foto Approvate: 190171

Vogue Italia Market Shadows by avianquest a.k.a Peter C. Florendo  Vogue Italia Market Shadows by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo

I was surprised that I got an early first week 01.08.2014 publication. This time around, I focused on street photography centered on people doing livelihood.Again, I kept my pictures following the black and white direction.  

Vogue Italia Into the Light by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo  Vogue Italia Into the Light by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo

I believe that consistency is the key to high image approval rates. I got  "Into the Light" published on 03.24.2014 which is a black and white street photography cum Captured by the Moment genre. The story goes- One early morning, I saw three young boys going to school whilst passing by a street with lots of trees in our city. Deep impressions by the ambient light creating dramatic shadows.

Vogue Italia Karma by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. FlorendoVogue Italia Karma by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo

I finally got enough courage to submit and I got my first color image dubbed "Karma" published on 07.22.2014. It was a breath of new life. Abstract images definitely do make the cut at Vogue Italy.  

 Vogue Italia Foggy Swan Lake by avianquest a.k.a Peter C. FlorendoFoggy Swan Lake Black and White Image of my Vogue Italia Portfolio 

It's no surprise that even nature landscapes with dramatic atmospheres (fog, rain, etc.,) get through the Vogue Italia editor's impeccable judgment. I went back to the safe grind of posting black and white images. "Foggy Swan Lake" - All is calm one early morning at a peaceful lake. I watch the beautiful swan boats bathe in the light of the fog banks.Published: Vogue Italia Monday, November 24, 2014. 

 Vogue Italia Morning Graze by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo Morning Graze Vogue Italia Portfoilio Black and White by Peter C. Florendo a.k.a avianquest

Morning Graze is an attempt to photo-document equine stable life during sunrise.
It was published on 13.01.2015. 

 Vogue Italia Day's End by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo  Vogue Italia Day's End by Avianquest a.k.a. Peter C. Florendo

Day's End is my breakthrough color image presenting Philippine Cordillera indigenous culture.

Read more this at my blog linked below:


Vogue Italia Auto Ritrattistica by avianquest a.k.a Peter C. Florendo

"Auto Ritrattistica " A Street Photography cum Self Portraiture. I seldom present myself (image) to social media. On a casual day, I accidentally took a simple self-portraiture which involved a dog and people juxtaposed in a car repair shop. Published; Vogue Italia Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

Photography deals a lot with translating a physical/metaphysical everyday encounters with nature, events, people,etc., using a camera. Our human physical senses, our eyes, the windows of our soul is similar to the camera. The impressions we see get stored in our sub-conscious as thoughts whilst images get captured by the camera sensor and embedded as digital files to a small memory card. Our mind (metaphysical) embeds our thoughts, impressions, experiences in our brain (physical).

I see to it that i always ground myself to earth and keep reminding myself that, I don't compete with anyone else but myself alone. This is how I coined What My Soul Perceives. Focus, self determination. 

I'll leave my Vogue Italia in an open season for 2017 for I regard Vogue Italia as an important image portfolio to me which is a blessing in disguise. It's the new black. To photographers, why not start your portfolio with them. It's definitely FREE.  


How to be Creative During the Observance of Earth Hour 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Earth Hour 2017 Incense Burner and Candle

Hi there... Here's my set-up with the just concluded observation of Earth Hour 2017 ...
(left) and an incense burner and (right) candle ... I initially lighted my set-up using a small flashlight and when set,  turned the flashlight off...


Burning Incense and lighted candle help keep the atmosphere cool and more spiritually charged and drive away negativity ... with God as my main consciousness ... I used my mind to send good vibes everywhere ... open eye meditation helps reduce stress. 


Incense burner, a gift from my sister based in North America.

After an hour ... lights back on. ... Fully re-charged...relaxed 😊


Google Privacy in 6 Easy Steps

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Google Privacy in 6 Easy Steps


 Your Data

 Take Control

your security

how ads work

safer internet

Safety Checks by the Numbers

Saturday, March 11, 2017
Connect with friends and loved ones during a crisis using Facebook Safety Checks
Facebook Safety Checks How It Works

Watch a Facebook Safety Check Demo (video) <--click