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The Secret of a Glorious O Gaming Mouse in 2022

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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Oops, we are not up to any of Victoria's Secret stuff here.

(Hint: Read up to the last part of the blog for the secret reveal of the Glorious O mouse.)

Here's the story.

During the last remaining six days of March 2022, my main desktop mouse, a  Reddragon M601-3 CENTROPHORUS 3200 DPI gaming mouse that I use for my daily grind literally conked out or got ahead of its next life, or in short "died".  

I tried reinstalling the software of this mouse which got successfully installed however, it operated with quirky behavior even when I conjured the immortal resurrection jutsus. 

It doesn't want to play master and puppet games anymore.

I even tried assigning the right to left ... again, a total failure.

So, I concluded that something was wrong and the reason it went kaput is in the mechanical part of the trigger mechanism/contacts/circuitry of the mouse.  

A good thing was that I have a backup ordinary class B ordinary mouse lying around, which I used as a stop gap measure so I can go about unimpeded daily desktop operations/activities.

I am not a gamer however, I use it as a baseline for quality hardware gaming specs that justify the daily wear and tear of a desktop mouse more effectively/efficiently.

I remembered that sometime last year I got myself my first Glorious product

 - a padded keyboard wrist rest full size (17.5 x 4 inches/ 44 x 10 cm.)
to probably arrest/prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, I really enjoy using this first Glorious product/accessory to the present time.

So, I decided, why not check out Glorious's other
product offerings.

I went into a deep dive in due diligence/research and come up with a "proper" daily driver desktop mouse. 
It certainly makes a lot of sense that the Glorious brand is my next mouse daily driver of choice (the one which sports the elevated cord version though) which is just fine.

It's a big deal to me since the mouse specs, price, and performance up to this day deliver S-tier add-on value validations.

Price-wise, it is a bang for the buck.

Specs-wise, Star-trek yup!
Performance, it would not land in an S-tier class.

Upon arrival, I went through the motions.

World-class and solid box packaging.

Very straightforward:  logo, tag line, weight, model, product class.


The belly of the box: tech specs, S/N, et cetera.

That's an O minus mouse type actually that I purchased.
Located online in the


I went through a well-explained and quick walk-through of the Glorious Quick Start Guide

Glorious S-tier Class Gaming Mouse O Wired

Click above on a video unboxing of the Glorious O minus wired matte mouse.
or click on below the image to video the unboxing video. 

 UNBOXING Glorious O minus wired matte white mouse
Behold Glorious O minus white matte wired mouse.

Spanking fresh/brand new!

My first up close and personal with a Glorious O matte wired mouse.


It's really lightweight (58 grams!) as I picked up the mouse out of the box for the time.

Before using the mouse, on its underside are blue protective film strips at the four corners of its G-skates with markings "remove".

Be sure not to forget and remove these to get the G-skates revved up to slide max...

There's a free Glorious sticker too! Yey!

Above is a  creative photo I took of the Glorious O Minus white matte wired mouse.

Best gaming Mouse Tier List 2020
Credits: DAVE2D

Well, guess what, I stumbled on to this video of Dave2D?


The video is dubbed 

in YouTube, 
which by the way 
featured one of the mouse line up, 
a  Glorious O (Wireless) mouse 
in Dec. 6, 2020,
and that is two years ago, 
which was rated 
as one of the 
first S-Tier 
class gaming mouse!

Now, fast forward today, 2022.


For gamer-agnostic like me, the gaming specs of this mouse will get you through your daily grind activities.  For gamer/players out there who push this mouse to the limits, have a Glorious end game to all.

After a week of heavy use (8-12 hours daily), the Glorious O minus wired white matte delivered without click fails, scrolling.

Also, cool with room lights offs as the ARGB colors looked cool. I chose breath mode.

I am contemplating replacing it's skates with glass skates in the future.

I, therefore, personally conclude that it was a glorious moment for a GLORIOUS mouse as a top S-tier mouse experience.

By the way, 
I outsourced the

Glorious O Minus Wired Mouse  Matte White
Glorious O Minus Wired Matte White Mouse

rotoblox philippines

Video is powered by licensed  
version 11.
with a humble OnePlus NORD.

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