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Security Ninja and Performance Conquests with Cloudflare!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
When I registered with my previous now X-provider, in particular, my domain name around (March 2017) the line graph below shows an initial surge reaching 2,500 views on March 5 and all my site stats gradually going downhill. I was kinda worried and began to check what was causing this. The only information I can access was keeping track of my overview stats per day. No information and tools on how to manage my domain. So, I continued on a daily basis trying to find a solution to no avail, then one day, by chance, I came upon Cloudflare. I immediately registered and I started using Cloudflare (the free account)  on 18th April 2017 with the aim/objective to improve the security and privacy of my blog site for all my visitors/readers.

The magic started to happen! The best part is my traffic per views have increased dramatically. It's one "Mt. Everest blissful climb". 

Looking at the line graph above, on the 23rd of April 2017, you will see an abrupt surge to 3,486 views in one day and maintain sustained views per day for straight eight days varying around 2000-3000 daily views.

Furthermore, my other April 2017 results, so far, on my move to Cloudflare are as follows:
  • 4,048 Total Unique Visitors with 84,172 requests in total.
  • 37% traffic served over SSL that's 31,618 SSL secured requests; and
  • 29 Total threats stopped:
    - 26 originating from the United Kingdom;
    - 3 originating from Spain.

Buttomline, no BS! It's the real deal! 
The partnership of my blog site's content added with Cloudflare technology makes the internet work as it should. 

Visit Cloudflare!  (This is not a paid endorsement.)

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

Cheers ! 😇
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