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How I Refreshed My Blog Page (1Qtr 2021)

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Avianquests Blog Refresh 2021

My blog is just one from among the zero and one bits and bytes which humbly thrives in the internet.

With the start of 2021, I look back  at the my digital journey and feel the current pulse and conduct a sort of "check up" to see under the hood and prepare the next three quarters of the year.

To sum it all up, here's all the blog refresh (new) that I've introduced:

  • Installed Cloudflare Page Reading (free)

    Cloudflare Reading Time

  • Activated Cloudflare Bot Reporting (free)

    Cloudflare Bot Report

  • Installed Easy Magazine

    Easy Magazine 

  • Cloudflare Domain Name 2-year registration (renewed)

  • Pace





Pace automatically shows a progress bar when my page is loading or requesting data. Again, a totally free and open-source app.


 Here's what I've retained:
  •  Vefio Blog Page Theme
And lastly, here's what I've taken down (retired/removed)
  • Better Browser

    A Better Browser


And also forthcoming, once it gets hopefully approved:
  • Cloudflare Page Shield (beta)


Cloudflare Page Shield Beta

To drive traffic and viewer readership/retention in my site, I added Easy Magazine
Easy Magazine powered by Filtr8

Here are some photography topics that I have linked:

Happy reading and also, many happy returns to my blog site.

I also retired/removed the outdated and no more support app which served well its purpose then.

A Better Browser- Warns users with a simple message at the top of Avianquests.Com website if their browser version is too old.

I activated my domain security defenses and  activated Cloudflare's Bot Report (Firewall) 
Cloudflare now offers bot protection with every plan (including Free), so there is no excuse not to try it! So, I did activate it and put to test the new limited features.  

Cloudflare Bot Fight

Cloudflare Bot Report

Cloudflare now issues computationally intensive challenges in response to some web page requests. These challenges may discourage bot operators from accessing your site, but instill firewall protection against bad bots. 

Furthermore, Cloudflare Bot Report monitors my blogs daily activitation say, bots' country origination, action taken, IP address, and service delivered (e.g., Bot fight mode, browser security check, et cetera).
Although, with limited features as I am using a free account, well, so far, I'm very impressed. Kudos and two thumbs up for that Cloudflare for bot management.
So,  if you want to switch to Cloudflare PRO or Business plan, check out the links below on to activate Super Bot Fight Mode.


Also, fresh off the bat is my humble domain, which is presently hosted by Cloudflare registrar, underwent a domain auto renewal last March 26, 2021, which is a new leash of two (2) years life span. Yay!

So, that's my blog page refresh for the first quarter 2021. And this is my last post for March.  More, content coming up for April 2021. Drop by, soon. Thanks.

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