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My Bespoke OnePlus Nord

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Well, hello there. It's great that you've come across my blog post about how I combined existing third party products designed for the OnePlus NORD for customization purposes.

Bespoke or simply, a custom use case to tailor fit with my activities of daily living (especially when I go out mountaineering in the great outdoors). Yep, I gave my spanking brand-new OnePlus NORD not just a make over, but a ruggedized and contemporary protection as part of my Every Day Carry (EDC).

As an EDC, I also wanted my mobile phone to seamlessly blend into whatever occasion I find myself. So, be it formal or casual, this use case fits the glove.

My aim/objective is to add an extra protection to my mobile device coupled with day-to-day ease of use. 

Almost about everyday we hear lots of priced mobile phones meeting their untimely end of life through inadvertent device hand slips and falls, and a majority of the phones are without protective grip cases.

 My OnePlus NORD by Avianquest

So, this is how my "naked" device looked then with minimal protection (unboxed it comes with an original transparent hard bumper case and an attached screen protector) and not that really protected well enough as to my standards and that I might accidentally run to some accidents (device falls, scrapes, et cetera). 

So, even with a Gorilla glass 5 for the front and back panels of the OnePlus NORD would not give the redundancy of protection, and thus, prone to breakage from a fall.

At this point, let's cut the risks to zero and so, a long story short, and in a nutshell, here are the three (03) products that I used as follows:
And by the way, all of the above are not sponsored products. I purchased them all out of pocket with money I saved.


I started out with a  Dbrand JerryRig OnePlus NORD Teardown original backpanel sticker.

The Original Dbrand 3M backpanel sticker has an optically clear gloss finish that produces vibrant colors and flawless visibility on the Teardown thus, an additional layer of protection.  And additionally, I'm basically a fan of Zack "JerryRigEverything" Nelson.
Word of caution, watch first the video in YouTube on how to apply it correctly the first time. The link below.

 Spigen Tough Armor (for OnePlus NORD);

Next comes the "metal jacket" per se to complement the customization process. The Tough Armor® for the OnePlus Nord is the definition of rugged protection in a slim body. Its dual-layer structure is designed to be pocket-friendly, with Air Cushion Technology® packed into every corner for extreme defense.
By the way, when I received the Spigen Tough Armor which I ordered online, here are a few pics.

And for added convenience, a built-in back kickstand which is easily accessible for hands-free viewing. Whether you go mountain climbing or out for a night on the town, the Tough Armor® has protection for every situation.
The grip case fits firmly which is not to tight nor too loose so, it will be fairly easy to remove the mobile phone.
I love this unique feature of the Spigen Tough Armor since the pull-out kickstand allows your mobile phone to rest on a flat surface, and give you a landscape view of the content of your phone be it videos, games, or text. Again, this is perfect for Netflix, YouTube, et cetera.  
Furthermore, the Spigen Tough Armor grip case protects the exposed back camera unit from scratches since the case is with a deep sunken design. Also, the grip case is water resistant.
So, here's how it looks when I finished mounting the Tough Armor to my OnePlus Nord. And one thing more, one of the biggest pluses that I love that is cool the material which makes it impervious to fingerprint smudges and sweaty palms.

In a nutshell, here's the specifications of Spigen Tough Armor.

And last but not the least is the



To mount the Popsocket, I went and decided a full non-removable base mount using a Mighty Bond instant glue.

The Popsocket allows you to handheld better your mobile phone since your fingers will further grip the Popsocket allowing ease of use and safety handling.

While, we invest a little percentage or amount into physical protection of our mobile phones, again it is our paramount importance that daily care and upkeep be observed.

The total bespoke costs as follows:
Dbrand NORD Teardown   -    USD $ 19.95
Spigen Tough Armor          -    USD $ 39.99
Popsocket                            -    USD $15.00
                               Total       -   USD $ 74.94  
The total customization cost for added protection won't break the bank and will certainly not break your phone.          

As we reach the homestreatch here, one additional feature of the OnePlus NORD which I dub as middling range is that it is future proof-ready to operate in a 5G network. And that I haven't tested it yet.

I am also preparing a 6 months review of the OnePlus NORD which is forthcoming.
 By the way, here is the unboxing vid of my OnePlus NORD  (Unboxing Video link or click on the picture below).

At the end of the day, I must say that, I have achieved the aim/objective I set to pursue with cost, safety, protection, and aesthetic considerations and ease of operation use case.

I highly recommend the abovementioned and that you get to try products that I used to customize a OnePlus NORD device.
 Till next blog. See you soon.

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