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Nikon Z50 - The ForceZ is Strong

Wednesday, August 16, 2023




Recently I got myself a nifty Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera.



The "dark side of the force" of Stars Wars is akin to the camera/photography space.

I started out as a DSLR enthusiast using my Nikon cameras.

However, on April 14, 2019, whilst I was doing street photography my Nikon D7000 started acting weird.  When I reviewed the images, my camera's shutter curtain malfunctioned/failed or reached its end-of-life.

So, from global lockdown to the present all my camera gear, lenses, accessories, et cetera remained in hibernation inside my dry box.



Day in day out as tides of time keep technology in a dynamic state, and thus, I have to try and embrace newness and stay updated with the present time in terms of cameras.

Secondly, I enjoy the best of both worlds using my favorite old-school DX lenses (F and G) with Nikon Z50 DX mirror-less platform.


My present-day use case for the Nikon Z50 is as follows:

I own a varied array of Nikon, Tokina, and Sigma lenses.  

Now I decided to go for a middling level priced FTZ adapter (firmware upgradeable).

Enter the Viltrox NF-Z camera mount adapter for Nikon Z50.
The above-mentioned adapter enabled my Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera to mount Nikon non-z lenses, and third-party lenses like Sigma, Tokina, et cetera.
Viltrox F to Z camera mount adapter
The Viltrox camera mount adapter works excellent in autofocus with my DSLR Nikon and Sigma prime lenses as follows: 
Nikorr 50 mm AF-S F1.8G; and
Nikorr 85 mm AF-S F 1.8G
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 fixed HSM Art lens

What I love with the Viltrox camera mount adapter is a USB port for firmware upgrades enabling more camera-lens compatibility. 


Whilst both the Nikon Z50 body and Viltrox NF-Z lens mount adapter then were in transit, I moved forward by doing self-study/learning via YouTube videos.

I decided that the Nikon Z50 will be my primary go-to "EDC" (everyday carry) camera.

Nikon Z50 box contents

The Nikon Z50 items that come in the box are as follows:
Nikon Z50 camera
Nikon battery
Nikon battery charger (with international adapter)
Nikon Z50 camera strap
A USB cable

The Nikon Z50 will be my primary go-to "EDC" (everyday carry) camera.


So, lightweight thus, no carpal fatigue, and great for traveling especially in the great outdoors when mountaineering.
The design was targeted mainly at vloggers in mind. The ergonomic design/features facilitate ease of use for photo/video enthusiasts and speed up the learning curve.
I'll keep the camera strap for posterity purposes and instead use my existing Peak Design camera strap.
The original battery is lightweight and prompts me to purchase in the future two more so I won't run out of juice whilst on the field.
The battery charger is handy.
The USB cable is essential.
For international travel, a battery charger prong adapter is a must.
camera firmware update

First things first, I charged the batteries in full.
Then secondly, format my SD card.

Thirdly, I updated to the latest firmware of the Nikon Z50.


One of my pet peeves is an incomplete accessory that was not part of my purchase of this mirrorless camera, which is the hot shoe protector.  I hope Nikon always provide this little piece of important detail in all their Z cameras.

So, as of writing, I decided to purchase a cool hot shoe protector for the main purpose of shielding this "always-open" port from the element of water/dust and wear and tear.


The Nikon Z50 will be my primary camera for the following use cases:

- Landscape photography
- Street photography
- Portrait photography
- Et cetera

The following forthcoming accessories on my bucket list for purchase are as follows:

- Godox trigger for my Nikon -      SB700

- Extra Nikon batteries

- Possibly a light tripod/monopod combo
Here are a couple of images I took using this camera using the above-mentioned Nikon DX old-school lenses and Sigma.

cute little flowers
Yellow Lilliputians
church views
Choir's Loft
Afternoon Delight
A Day at the Beach
yellow flowers
Coastal Blooms
perched fly
The Fly
  OnePlus NORD shooting a Nikon Z50
FACTOID: My Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 fixed HSM Art lens in the above photo weighs 810g / 28.6oz. is HEAVIER than the Nikon Z50 weighing only 14.0 oz. (395 g) .

P.S. Almost negligible post-processing. I manually set the white balance setting of my camera.


 As Nikon D50 puts it:

"Little but fierce
Super social
Your smartphone's new BFF
Shoot remotely
Apps like it too
Not afraid of your pets
Eye catching in many ways
Extra-creative filters and effects
Your vision multiplied
Oh, what a viewfinder
Silence is golden
A touch of genius
Chic ergonomic
Z mount. One size fits all.
Go live! with the Z50
Your camera, your style."

I concur.
By the way, this is PART I of the Nikon Z50 blog series.  More to come on Part II.
  All of the above images are in jpg fine format.

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