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Tuesday, December 19, 2023



NITECORE NB10000 Review


 Review Background

This December 2023, I luckily got selected as one of NITECORE's NB10000 device reviewers.

I received the NB 10000 package via an LBC courier on December 7, 2023. 


Looking at the front of the box it has an IPX4 rating on the lower left with a cloud with raindrops logo. Not bad. 

That means this device is protected from water jets sprayed for three (3) minutes at 4.4 PSI or that's 30kPa, with 12.5 liters per minute. 

Additionally, IPX0 means no protection from water ingress.


By the way, I live in a place when the monsoon season kicks in from May through October.  So, it will be pretty interesting to see this device perform next year getting into action with water (rain).


Hey, guys don't lose this folding piece of paper since it contains the NITECORE NB 10K operating instructions, warranty details, warnings, disclaimers et cetera. --> VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Ultra Lightweight Carbon Fiber Energy Brick

After unpacking, I got the stealth black version. There is also a silver version of the NITECORE NB 1oK energy brick. (I might purchase one silver version in the future for backup especially when I plan to go on a four to five days mountaineering adventures).


Also the above-mentioned "ultra-lightweight carbon fiber energy brick" is printed on topmost  front side of the box. 


Indeed, NITECORE NB 10K is very ultra lightweight at 150 grams or at 5.29 ounces.  


By far, this probably must be the world's most compact and lightest 10,000 mAh Mobile Power Brick.

I also love the look of NITECORE's NB 1OK with its all-black stealth presentation added to its high-tech texture providing a non-slip feel. 

NITECORE NB 10K comes with an ultra slim body which actually measures 10.6 mm or that's around 0.42 inches.
If you compare with other 1oK power bank brands in the market today in terms of actual measurements, all of these other brands are approximately 30 millimeters or 1.18 inches thick. That's bulky, ugly, and heavy.
However, NITECORE could improve in future upcoming versions/iterations of its NB series products to have the corners rounded not pointed edges as it tends to puncture bags, and clothing.

My first use case of the NITECORE NB 1oK was a recent out-of-town travel to the lowland provinces.  
Before traveling, I checked the power level indicator of the energy brick and it only had one (1) constant on light which indicates  30% remaining battery charge available. This was out of the box when I received this device.

So, I charged the NITECORE NB 10K via its USB in full before traveling. 
During the charging process, the blue indicator LED light will flash to indicate the power level.
With the NITECORE NB 10K fully charged, I packed it with the NITECORE USB-C adapter in my Silent Storm stealth everyday carry (EDC) waterproof bag. 
See the photo below to appreciate.
See how compact and it neatly fits the main outer pocket of my EDC sling bag without showing any signs of bulging.  I'm an EDC guy.

I did two (2) charging top-ups using the ND 10K with my mobile phone at 70 percent battery level. Once, ingress (going down the province) and once egress (from the lowland province going up to the mountains).
I checked the  status of the device indicators:

I still have three (3) constant-ons so the NB 10K is at approximately 100% power-ready.  
I still have not reached the two (2) constant on the light indicator which would indicate a 70% percent power level. 
By the way, my ingress travel time was two (2) hours going down to the lowland provinces and another two (2) hours going back home to the boondocks (highland).  

A total of four (4) hours so I have to top up my smartphone since I use Spotify heavily listening to music with my in-ear monitors (IEMs).

Lastly, a flashing LED light means that the NITECORE NB 10K is nearly depleted and prompts the user to get it charged immediately.

The 10K mAh is more than sufficient for full charging of my mobile smartphone, which is a OnePlus NORD.  
Now, each user/person have their own unique case.  Mine is simplistic at the moment however, when I engage in mountaineering activity (documenting landscapes using video and still photos, that will put the NITECORE NB 1oK into an aggressive mode of power draw).
 My OnePlus NORD by Avianquest

If my smartphone ran out of juice then, I would not have been able to capture this beautiful sunset both in still and video formats.

Additional NITECORE NB 10000 Protection
My further research of NITECORE NB 10K offers the following built-in features:

  • - Over-current protection
  • - Overcharge protection
  • - Short-circuit protection
  • - Over-voltage protection
  • - Over-discharge protection
  • - Thermal protection.

With the above-mentioned additional protection dovetailed where I presently live which is at 5,000 feet above sea level, I would not worry especially this month of December to February where the temperature is really cold. 
So, far I have not experienced any problems with NITECORE NB 10K energy brick since it can be operated at 10 to 40 degrees Celsius or 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The above-mentioned means, no worries and lots of peace of mind.


In my honest opinion, personally, the NITECORE NB 10,000 energy brick is my perfect travel companion whether it be on a journey from the uplands where I live going down to the lowlands (provinces) always keeps my smartphone easily topped up and/or fully charged.
For the moment it supplies my smartphone's power top-ups as I use heavily Spotify engaged with my in-ear monitors when mobile coupled with internet browsing. So both of these use cases of mine demand a power draw which NITECORE 10K more than adequately addresses.
As I mentioned earlier, once I resume and engage in my mountaineering activities requiring four to five days out in the great outdoors, that will prompt me to have a spare perhaps a NITECORE NB 20K to fully address my power needs powering the following devices:
- Two (2) smartphones
- One (1) camping headlamp USB
- One (1) NITECORE P20iX
- One (1) camping lamp USB

Five (5) total devices requiring both low power/high power draw for maximum five days out in the wilderness. That's forthcoming for my 2024 mountaineering adventures.

NITECORE NB 10,000 energy brick will also be my main power source when I go hiking, and mountaineering which will supply me with low-level charging options for my wearable headlights, and especially my heavy-duty NITECORE P20iX.  
(See the photo below to appreciate).
Package Contents
Out of the box we have the following items:
NITECORE NB 10K Energy Brick
Accessories: USB Charging Cable (USB-A to USB-C)

At the backside of the NB 10K, we find the following printed information. 


Capacity: 10,000mAh 3.85V (38.5Wh)
Rated Energy: 6,400mAh 5V (TYP 1A)
Input: USB-C: 5V⎓2.4A / 9V⎓2A
Output: USB-C: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓2.22A / 12V⎓1.68A
USB-A: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓2A / 12V⎓1.5A
Dual Ports: 5V⎓3A (MAX)
SYSMAX Innovations Co., Ltd.
Unit 6355, 5/F, No. 1021 Gaopu Road,
Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510335, 
Guangdong, China
Furthermore, the NITECORE NB 10K is described with the following packaging information:
Dimensions: 121.9mm × 59mm × 10.6mm (4.8" x 2.32" x 0.42")
Weight: 150g±3g (5.29oz±0.11oz)


The NITECORE NB 10K comes in a well-protected and well-contained plastic enclosure and carton box.



Don't loose this piece of paper also as you will need this to scan the QR code and get to NITECORE's Facebook page.

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