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HTTPS SSL Security Blogger and Cloudflare

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 is now 100% HTTPS and SSL Compliant
This year,  I'm back to baby steps just like a toddler to the latest workings of the web since I tried learning eons ago e.g., the now defunct Microsoft Frontpage and basic HTML

I'm surprised that nowadays, it's more of speed to develop websites using drag and drop, cut and paste and the easy web development processes. The availability of online tools/resources enables anyone to create websites which now just happens within just minutes and you'll already have a decent blog or web page up and running. In my case, I just have to keep up the fast pace of revving up my learning curve to get all caught up.

I started a personal website which is blog-centric in connection with my photography travel documentations and I so launched last February 22, 2017. I became a sort of multi-tasking "webmaster" with many hats - image editor, writer, proofreader, researcher, "cut and paste coder/scripter" rolled into one. So, I have to eliminate bugs during the development until implementation phase. Learning domain management, nameserver, search engine optimization (SEO), how to submit URL for indexing, crawling, site menu with Google, Bing, and Yandex. There are lots of strange sounding terminologies you'll encounter and once you get accustomed to all of these, they're all fairly straightforward and easy to understand. There are also exceptions wherein you'll have to spend more time churning the knowledge.

Whilst site content in terms of the amalgamation of written data/information and graphic images is a given, getting a site 100% bug-free and compliant is a tough overall goal and not a leisurely walk in the park. I noticed that there exists an unfair disadvantage in the web playing field in implementing technology compliances and that it pushes the average person in an option of buying into expensive solutions. Personally, I believe that by focusing on a 10% of the equation will eventually lead to completing a solution cycle. In the infancy stage of my site is the best time to implement "Fort Knox security" solutions in place rather than plugging recurring problems once your site grows and matures. 

I don't have to re-invent the wheel but just copy and follow expert's advice. Thus, I am sharing this tried and tested workaround to help others who use Blogger and become HTTPS and SSL compliant. One stone hitting two different targets at the same time. Fingers of cooperation can lift the Himalayas.

I.  Problem has a written sign  Warning: HTTPS is currently not available for custom domain blogs.  

II. Required 
  •      HTTP - HTTPS Compliance; and
  •     SSL Compliance.

III. Solution:

1. I purchased a domain name USD$ 1.00 (good for 1 year/renewable); See my previous blog on this matter.
2. I registered with Cloudflare; (This is not a paid endorsement.)

Cloudflare Making the Internet Work The Way It Should



3. Implement Joram Teusink's Solution 

(Implementing https on Blogger using Cloudflare);


4. Double Check and Remove Mixed http - https Content  html/css/etc code;

5. Test HTTPS with all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.,) and third party SSL testers is Grade AAAA SSL by Qualys SSL Labs
Per Qualys SSL Labs obtained  four (4) A Grades.

IV.  Status 

The security of everyone who accesses is the most important service pillar that is transparent and available to all on a 24/7 basis.

I'm happy to announce that AvianQuests.Com is now
100% SSL and HTTPS Compliant.

This transition phase from HTTP to HTTPS will be permanent and highly beneficial. I believe that compliance with this security strategy is my bite-sized commitment in keeping the internet safe to all.

There are also other free tools/resources which you can use :

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