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My Reddit 2021 Year Ender Recap

Sunday, December 19, 2021

My Reddit 2021 Year Ender Recap

The value of an account at year end, dubbed simply as year-ender. 
At first try this year, I miserably failed with my first Reddit account. Ha ha!

However, I don't just five up, but took a second wind, and yes I got the hang of it.

Then as of date, I found myself joining 26 Reddit communities.
According to Reddit, in 2021 I scrolled a length of 3,108 bananas lying end-to-end.
Not bad being a vegan, eh.
So, more banana "eating" to come.

Reddit also acknowledges my humble effort in helping in photography 'coz I'm a photo enthusiast.

Check on my link description below:

Also in Reddit's recap, "I binged RPAN."
Now, like "that's time well wasted."
By the way, that might be accompanied with an order of peanut butter and toast, and warm Americano coffee, and Stevia on the side.
 Your Vote Matters To a Post in Reddit

Let me notate this as a historic online social media event.

This occurred with a giant social media outlet when then their servers experienced severe service outage.

A lot of their subscribers/members came flocking to Reddit to have a say of it all.

Oh yeah, "fake" points are like "soldier pills" for me.

It gets one to an extra mile in the Reddit community journey.

Spooky is the new normal? Ha ha. Good karma, begets multi-fold blessings. 
You bet. I'll continue to count them along the way. 

Hey, what do you know, sometimes I get lucky. 
Stevia is a vegan's healthy option.

When one's intent is elevated, results will come in as blessings to the self/others.

Now, that's a well-deserved pat on the back.

I remember when I was future-proofing my desktop PC.

And also, getting my desktop PC into the new Windows 11 OS

Click on the Links below:


"Tap, tap, tap!"

Now, wait your horses Reddit.

I didn't know I had such Reddit "superpowers."

Now, my weakness to Kryptonite has been exposed.

It's your doing. Ha ha! 
Now, that enables any Redditor would want to know their superpowers from Reddit too.

Well. the suggestions of communities above are kind crappy for my situation.
I'll find cool ones myself.

Thanks, Reddit.
But gaming/investing are not my cup of tea.
Try better in your 2022 year-ender suggestions.
What comes around, goes around.

As for Reddit, it's simple as post, "rinse", and repeat. 
Now, back to the Reddit communities. 

See ya, when I'll see ya. 
Moving forward in 2022.
Get into Reddit
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Keep safe, and keep blogging.

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